Denise Williams: Public should have a say |

Denise Williams: Public should have a say

It is so nice to live in Craig where there is never a dull moment. I read with interest the serious issues of The Memorial Hospital last winter, worrying about what needed to be done to correct the problems for our quality hospital. I assume the hospital was needed — as we were told it was — and I have no doubt we needed modernizing at least to some degree.

Now, we have learned the week before it was passed by a unanimous vote of the commissioners (not the public) that we will have a “free clinic” for county employees. I am all for saving money and perhaps this is the way to go, but as Tom Mathers said in the paper, “now is the education process. Everyone needs to get the facts.” I remember when Obamacare was passed with very few people aware of what was in it. Let me quote Nancy Pelosi, “we need to pass it to see what is in it.” I think this seems a lot like your plan. Then, may I ask also is it not like Washington, D.C. politicians, who passed a bill and now are in the process of exempting themselves, their families and employees from it? Sorry if I offend any of our commissioners, but you just passed a motion with facts that you will educate us on later and exempted yourselves from having to use The Memorial Hospital except in emergencies. The rest of us who pay our own insurance (not paid by Moffat County) don’t get to use the county clinic (we just employ you), and we get to pay the higher price. We are therefore the ones who will be responsible for the success or failure of the hospital that you insisted we have.

This clinic may be the best way to go, but maybe the public could have been given the facts and even had some chance for input on the matter before you chose to buy a building and impose Mocobamacare.

Denise Wiliams


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