Democratic contender makes Tuesday campaign appearance |

Democratic contender makes Tuesday campaign appearance

Joshua Roberts

Tammy Stewart, the democratic candidate for 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, touted Tuesday night her 19 years legal experience as a primary selling point for voters this November.

“This needs to be a race about the most qualified, experienced person,” Stewart said during a campaign appearance at the Craig Lions Club meeting.

“I can lead our community, rebuild some of the relationships that have been broken : and I believe I’m the best person for the job.”

Stewart, a Steamboat Springs resident and assistant Moffat County attorney, is running against Republican challenger Elizabeth Oldham, assistant district attorney in the 14th, and a prosecutor since 2001. She has 10 years legal experience.

Stewart, 44, has 12 years experience as a deputy district attorney in Colorado, was a prosecutor in 2005 and 2006 in Routt County and has “extensive experience” in crimes against children, domestic violence and violent felonies, according to campaign literature distributed Tuesday.

“I have prosecuted the most serious cases in Colorado,” Stewart said, citing a resume that includes about 100 jury trials.

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She also has worked as a public defender for six years.

“That makes me very unique as a district attorney,” she said, adding that defense experience provides her with a “balanced, overall view” of the justice system.

If she wins in November, Stewart said some of her administration’s priorities would be implementing more public programs, specifically for youths and seniors, filing an appropriate number of charges against suspects and protecting children.

“I believe very strongly we have to protect our most vulnerable victims – that’s our children,” Stewart said.

On filing charges, “We need to charge what the evidence will support,” she said. “I don’t believe in overcharging. : We need to charge cases because we should, not because we can.”

The democratic candidate also said she’ll seek outside funding for programs through state and federal grants.

“I plan to break my right hand writing grants,” Stewart said.

Her platform, which she sums up as “reason, experience and justice,” includes other steps for “positive change,” such as implementing a district attorney advisory committee, a domestic violence fast track program and being an active district attorney who handles the most serious criminal cases.

As district attorney, Stewart said she would be accountable to the public and be available to personally discuss matters with anyone.

“I’m going to have an open door policy,” she said. “I believe that anybody has a right to talk to the district attorney.”

She said the biggest problems in Moffat County, one of three counties in the 14th Judicial District, is employee turnover “due to management issues,” and methamphetamine use and distribution.

Drugs are a problem throughout the district, but it’s “much more serious, and much more prevailing here in Moffat County.”

A Stewart administration would limit plea agreements with drug manufacturers and dealers and seek stiff penalties against them, she said.

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