Delaine Brown keeps Moffat County High School afloat |

Delaine Brown keeps Moffat County High School afloat

Alex Bulla, Blue Print

Delaine Brown stands next to the 15X5 schedule board in her room, which has to be updated every year.

Walk towards the back hallway of the second floor office and the first thing that will catch your attention is a huge, intricate, colorful, wall. On it, little pieces of paper and stickers with teacher names, classes, and hours fill the wall from corner to corner. To any passerby, it seems almost too complicated to even look at. But to Moffat County High School Registrar Delaine Brown, its all under control and part of her everyday job.

Many students know who Mrs. Brown is but not quite what she does. Her job here is essential to everyone involved at MCHS; without her, we would not have any order of events here at our school. She is the one who creates each student's schedule according to what classes they want and makes sure all necessary changes a student needs to fit their schedule are satisfied. She also organizes what classes are placed in each period, who is teaching them, and builds the master schedule for each day, event, and occurrence throughout the year. Locked away in her office and computer are thousands of student files, from kids attending the 2010-2011 school year all the way back to the early 1900's. Along with that, Brown keeps all test, health, and legal records of which have been submitted to MCHS by passing students. Years worth of crucial information is all in her hands and expected to be taken responsible care of. As you can see, Brown has an extremely important role here that should be appreciated greatly. She is practically our school's personal super hero.

"Its definitely difficult, sometimes worse than others… I like the challenge, and I like working with the students," says Brown about her career. "I have kids come in here and look at my wall and say, 'Your job sucks,' but I really like it." Working here has taught her how to accept change and coordination skills. She describes her main goal by saying, " I try to alleviate as many conflicts as possible so I can try to make the best possible schedule. I want to coordinate with students to give them that class they want that's going to get them off to college." Although it gets tough for her, the reward of knowing she has made a schedule that works for everyone is one of her favorite parts of her job. Along with that, she enjoys being able to work with the students and the teachers at the same time. "I love being part of the change and the growth of the community and people’s lives."

Brown was born in Moffat County on a ranch and graduated from MCHS. Afterward, she attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, and then moved to Hayden, Colorado where she began her work in education. She began working in an elementary school, but after a while, she decided that she'd rather work with an older age group of kids. Standing up in front of a classroom full of students to teach was never anything she wanted to, so when she saw an opening here at MCHS for a Registrar, she immediately became interested. Brown worked sixteen years as a 4-H county director and agent, and just three years ago she and Heather Fross took on the leadership roles of MCHS Student Council. Also very recently, she and her husband, both large advocates of 4-wheeling, helped co-found the Yampa Valley OHV Trail Riders club. In her spare time, she and her husband enjoy restoring antique tractors and being outdoors. She describes her job as being very detail-oriented, and likes the fact that she is the one who makes everything here work and come together. Now, Brown has been here for six years, and tells us that she does not plan on leaving soon. "I really like what I do, I guess I don't see a whole lot of change coming for me in the near future."