Debbie Montgomery: My cats were shot and killed |

Debbie Montgomery: My cats were shot and killed

To the editor:

When was hunting season open for cats?

I live off County Road 205, and one of my neighbors shot and killed my cats. Not only did they shoot my cats, one was able to make it home after being shot for my children and I to find.

I can’t imagine what my cats could have done to deserve being shot to death.

My question to the person who fired the gun, why are you shooting a gun with neighbors so close and with children outside playing?

If I had a dime for every time one of my neighbor’s dogs showed up on my property or chased my car as I drove down the county road, I would be rich.

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Two weeks before they were shot, I got both of my cats neutered, so thanks to the shooter, that was a waste of money. Whoever shot my cats must not have a heart, and I sincerely believe that what comes around goes around.

Debbie Montgomery