Debbie Bruell: Baxter has the experience needed |

Debbie Bruell: Baxter has the experience needed

To the editor:

Jo Ann Baxter has the experience and ideas we need for a healthy future in Colorado.

Baxter has extensive experience in education: 30 + years as a teacher, 8 years on the Moffat County School Board and a PhD in Educational leadership.

She raises critical questions about our school system, such as whether standardized test scores should be the ultimate measure of our children’s progress.

In contrast, her opponent Bob Rankin has zero experience in public education. He wants to move Colorado to a voucher system, trusting the education of our children to "free market" competition.

Didn’t the recent collapse of Wall Street teach us that even our economy cannot be left to an unregulated free market system?

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Regarding the economy, Rankin is putting all his eggs in one basket: the oil & gas industry. One of his highest priorities is to "push back" against federal regulations of the gas & oil industry.

In contrast, Baxter recognizes that enticing businesses to locate (and remain) in Colorado requires that we maintain a high level of livability in our communities, and that we must balance the various economic drivers in our state.

Baxter has been elected twice to public office and was appointed to the State Council on Educator Effectiveness. She has extensive experience in collaboration and consensus-building.

Rankin has never been elected to public office and has no legislative experience.

The one area in which Rankin has Baxter beat is in campaign finances — collecting over three times the amount of campaign funds as Baxter, including contributions from over 10 times as many PACS as Baxter.

Do we want this election to be determined by whichever candidate has the most money and receives funds from the most number of PACs?

Please review these candidates’ experiences and positions, and vote for Jo Ann Baxter for House District 57.

Debbie Bruell