Dear Mr. President |

Dear Mr. President

Patrick Germond

I’m just an average Joe in flyover country asking for help with rising fuel costs.

Please don’t be offended. This letter is not meant to be angry or invective.

Nonetheless, when you took office in 2009, the country on average was spending a mere $1.84 per gallon, compared to $3.76 or more per gallon in some areas of the country today.

This increase in price is a problem.

You see, size does matter.

Americans have big dreams and we need an energy policy that matches these big dreams.

Here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, a number of people like big trucks with big tires and cars with big motors that go fast. And like yourself, we like to go on vacations with our families.

We like our jobs in the energy industry. These jobs put bread on the table and keep the lights on.

We don’t want a piece of someone else’s pie — we’re more than willing to earn the American dream all on our own.

Americans are having a hard time making ends meet with the rising price of fuel because with it also comes the rising price of food and other goods.

People are feeling the pinch, and have less money to fill their gas tanks. I’ve seen multiple cars in the past month that had to be pushed out of intersections and shoved into ditches, and by that I mean real ditches, not theoretical ditches.

Winston Churchill once said, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Meaning, the radical theocracy of Earth-worshipping needs to be dialed down a bit and replaced with reason and common sense.

The special interest environmentalist fanatics have you imposing environmental policies that amount to an oil embargo on the U.S.

You say your priority is creating jobs.

It seems to me the Keystone pipeline and an oil boom would fit right in with your priority, meaning American people and jobs would come first, before the environmentalists, right?

America needs to drill itself out of its current energy crisis like it has successfully done before.

In World War II, when an increase in fuel was needed for the war effort, we were able to increase domestic oil production, which helped sustain the allied forces.

A more recent example is when Ronald Reagan became president he was able to lower gas prices within six months by unleashing oil production.

You and your advisors say that we cannot drill our way out of our current situation, but history proves your theory is flat wrong.

Reagan’s policy of unshackling oil production gutted the speculation market by the promise of flooding the market with American oil.

Speculators didn’t want to secure and buy high-priced crude a year out when in the near future prices were going to be lower because of the increase in American oil production.

You could, as the president, ease current government regulations on drilling exploration across the country and quit choking us and the economy like a Sunday necktie.

You’re in charge of the country’s energy policies, you’re our elected advocate on this matter.

You have the power to raise domestic oil production and meet global demand with more supply.

Right now our energy policy is down right ludicrous, resembling a kid trying to pick his nose with mittens more than a free market system.

Americans would like to go on vacation instead of just watching you and your family go on vacation. For us to do that, we need lower gas prices.

So please, Mr. President, take your foot off the brake and give America a little gas.

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