Dean Visintainer: Hospital an essential ingredient to progress |

Dean Visintainer: Hospital an essential ingredient to progress

— I am writing to voice my support for 1A – The Memorial Hospital’s request for a mill levy increase. I believe that a hospital is an essential ingredient to progress. In order to keep up with change over time, the hospital has to keep up with and try to stay ahead of the changes.

My father served with a group that gave Craig its first hospital – TMH. Their foresight moved Craig into the next generation. He served on the first hospital board. I served on the board that changed the hospital from a locally managed hospital to a national management group. Now, it is our turn to move the hospital into the next generation.

I support building a new hospital because it will ensure that future generations will live in a community that is progressive. Building a new hospital strengthens the current infrastructure and encourages new residents and professionals to make Craig their home.

I am willing to pay the tax increase created by the additional mill levy. Taxes are part of the system we live and work in. I have faith that the people in charge will be responsible stewards of our tax dollars.

Join me in voting yes on 1A.

Dean Visintainer

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