Dealership works to get books for students |

Dealership works to get books for students

Lee Harstad

Thanks to Victory Motors of Craig and Operation Outreach-USA (OO-USA), first- and second-grade students in the Moffat County School District will receive two brand new books

OO-USA is a literacy and character building program for elementary and middle schools. The program aims to teach children to enjoy and continue reading books about animals and the environment. Developing a sense of justice, compassion, respect, responsibility and self esteem in students is another goal of OO-USA.

School board member Chuck Malley of Victory Motors helped the program take shape. With the help of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and Victory Motors’ Partners for the Future Fund, 370 first- and second-graders were treated to the new reading material.

Program materials are furnished at no cost to the school and each child receives two brand new books to use in classroom instruction. Students keep one of the books at school and take the other home, along with accompanying parent guides to the books. Classroom teachers receive books for the classroom library, interdisciplinary lesson plans and an array of support materials that go along with the children’s books.

The program purchased 740 books, two for each participating student in the district, including those in Dinosaur, at a cost of $3,700. Of the total, Victory Motors paid $2,200 and DaimlerChrysler Corporation picked up the remaining $1,500.

“This is a new program for us, but it has spread very quickly,” Malley said. “We really enjoy doing it.”

Victory Motors and hundreds of other Chrysler dealers around the country, in partnership of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund, are supporting OO-USA to help make communities safer and more prosperous.

Victory Motors’ Partners for the Future program is in its second year. For every car sold at Victory Motors, $15 is donated to the program. Since it began, Partners for the Future has donated about $18,000 to schools in the district.

The new books will be distributed during parent/teacher conferences.