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Dawn Bolstad: Thanks for the support

To the editor:

There are many people who contributed to the Carol Jacobson Memorial Poetry Contest for eighth-graders.

My teaching partner, David Morris, and I would like to acknowledge their gifts.

First, we value the venue, support, and prizes that Downtown Books provided to our students.

Terry Carwile, with his associate Marilyn Hill, continued this poetic competition started five years ago by the former owners of Downtown Books, Carol Jacobson and Caroline Dotson.

Second, the members of the Craig Poetry Group and several kindred spirits deserve a round of applause. They dedicated their time and expertise as they read and evaluated more than 160 poems from eighth-graders.

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Of course, we cannot overlook the Parrot Club. This fun-loving group came to our rescue when we looked for prizes for our winners.

Their contributions of time and money are known throughout this area. It was especially kind that the members chose not to use money from the club's coffers, but decided to delve into their own pockets to support our kids.

The funds collected not only met our needs for this year, but will provide awards for next year as well.

Finally, we cannot ignore the coverage we receive each year from the Craig Daily Press. Our newspaper has always run stories about our winners with their works.

Ben McCanna spotlighted our first place finishers this year. Our students loved it.

David and I would also like to remind everyone to remember Downtown Books whenever a bookshelf needs to be lightened or filled. This cultural gem makes our community better in so very many ways.

On a personal note, I would like to celebrate my teaching partner and friend, David Morris, and the late Carol Jacobson, both of whom created this wonderful opportunity for kids.

David continues this tradition in memory of his friend and fellow poet with same dedication that started this event.

Thank you all.

Dawn Bolstad

Language arts teacher, Craig Middle School

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