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David Ulrich: MCSH Strategic Plan Team continues its work

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David Ulrich
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On Tuesday evening, Jan. 30, the Moffat County School District Strategic Plan Team met to review the district’s progress on the 2017-18 Balanced Scorecard. In February 2017, the MCSD Board of Education approved a 5-year strategic plan to guide decision making on behalf of our students.

The meeting started with an iPad demonstration by teachers and students from Craig Middle School. CMS is in the first year of a Learning Technology Implementation Plan. The Strategic Plan team members rotated through four stations, where students elaborated on how the iPads are being used as teaching and learning tools for our students.

The first station consisted of two students, who showed the team members how students are able to access homework and other assignments when they do not have internet access. The second station included a teacher and two students, who displayed examples of the iPads use in a “flipped” classroom. At the third station, a student demonstrated how the iPad is paired with different scientific measuring devices to record real time data for experiments. The final station included a teacher who showed team members how she can monitor students’ learning on the academic standards through an interface with iPads and an intervention app.

As an extension of CMS’s work, the Strategic Plan Team was given a preview of several possible scenarios for educational technology in the future. Scenarios were developed by Mrs. Vicki Haddan, director of technology and the district’s technology team. Opportunities for augmenting technology at the elementary-, middle- and high-school levels were presented. The scenarios will be part of the 2018-19 budget process, and I will work with the board of education to prioritize funds and other resources to help the district reach its technology goals.

Next, the Strategic Plan Team was given an update on efforts to revitalize the Vocational-Agriculture (Vo-Ag) Building on the high school campus. A team of community members, as well as school personnel, has been assembled to build a vision for that space. We hope to create a space that is responsive to the needs of our community, cultivates skills relevant for our students and cultivates a spirit of innovation. We want the building to be flexible enough to not only meet the needs of current students, but also the needs of our future students. Finally, we hope it includes public/private partnerships, so the space can be accessed outside school hours. This work will also be part of the 2018-19 budget process.

The third agenda item was an update for the Strategic Plan team about the process for closing an elementary school. There are two distinct paths for us as we prepare for the fall of 2018 opening of school. The first path is to ensure we redeploy our teachers into their new schools in a positive way. The second path is getting our facilities ready for our teachers and students when they return in August.

For the last agenda item, I reviewed the evaluation tool the board of education will use to determine my effectiveness as a superintendent. As promised when the board authorized me to create the Strategic Plan team, this year’s evaluation is tied specifically to progress made by the district on the goals of the Strategic Plan. Board members will rate me on indicators for each of the 5 Focus Areas: governance, student success, culture and climate, fiscal management and engaging the community.

I continue to be impressed with the commitment of the MCSD Strategic Plan Team. I encourage all Moffat County residents to visit the district’s webpage at moffatsd.org and review the plan. I, along with the board of education, will continue use this plan to establish action steps to guide staff and the community toward achieving our goals living our mission to prepare our students to thrive in an environment of change.

David Ulrich is superintendent of the Moffat County School District.


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