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David, Michelle and Amanda Moore: Start recycling now

— To the editor:

First off, I would like to thank Holly for a great letter about recycling in Craig. As usual, we are way behind the rest of the country.

As one of the major contributors to the recycling program (my wife, daughter and I recycle for the hospital), I can say there was some stretching of the truth in the article relating to Craig and recycling.

No. 1 is that the bins are not trucked to Steamboat every day. It would suffice to say that twice a week, maybe, they are emptied. I have opened doors to the paper and plastic bins only to have the contents avalanche down on me and the cardboard bin is stuffed every time. How is that possible each and every day for a town this size? Every single person would have to recycle for them to be emptied daily. I have driven around for days on end with a truckload of cardboard/paper/plastic waiting for the bins to be changed, checking back daily.

No. 2, and this is a tough thought, is that if trash is a problem, put a larger trash container on site to eliminate trash in recycle bins. The two “barrels” are not sufficient. Maybe a Dumpster would be more appropriate … wait, then others would use it and the town would not look so trashy … oh well, wishful thinking.

The hospital used to get their trash dumped almost every day. Now it is down to two to three times per week or less. My family takes a truckload to the bins every week, sometimes two loads, sometimes more often. This is all done on our own time with our own gas. It is our way of giving back what we are given. What a concept. I think of all the space in the expensive landfill we are saving and the fuel cost for the city to dump the trash daily. Seventy-five pickup loads a year from one place will pile up pretty quick and high. Imagine if it were every business and family.

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Bottom line is that I am trying to teach my daughter to be a good person, to do the right thing and to respect and treat her planet accordingly. God forbid we teach our kids good things, such as recycling.

Recycling is infectious and it will spread like fire given the chance. I can proudly say that some of my co-workers have jumped on the wagon and now are recycling in their homes, as well as work.

This is something that is working, a rarity in this town, and there are way more than “a couple people” using it. Getting rid of trash and recycling the rest is a no-brainer folks, and, if anything, our tax dollars should go to recycling, and it should be high on the list. Don’t pull the plug on something that is alive, instead embrace it and move Craig into the now. Sooner or later, we will be forced to do it anyway. Now is the time to get used to it.

Thank you.

David, Michelle and Amanda Moore