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David Griffith: Park’s bridge concerns

To the editor

This letter concerns the Swinging Bridge in Brown’s Park. I am a citizen of Colorado, since my birth in 1944. I love Moffat County and Brown’s Park. I have camped out on the Green just across the swinging bridge, every few years, since the first time in 1972. I saw the damage and read your articles. From an outsider point of view, and given that I am a lawyer, I have to say that the fellow who drove that tractor across the bridge has caused a lot of controversy up there in your county. I met some folks at the bridge site the other day, and they are local citizens, who say that the high and mighty commissioners and the rancher make them feel like peons, since they would like action on the bridge and they said a lot of other people do too, but nothing is happening, and their opinion is that the rancher and the county are just too close. I don’t know the whole story, but my guess is that this kind of thing can get out into the wider public and then it really won’t do your tourist base a whole lot of good.

David Griffith

Moffat County


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