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David DeRose: Vote ‘yes’ on 5A

This letter is to address the ballot issue 5A. This is a funding source to ensure the growth and success of CNCC with the construction of student housing and increased programs that will attract more students. Many years ago, Craig had the opportunity to have this college in our community, and we did not react. Imagine with me what our community would look like today if CNCC had been here since that time. Think about the training we could have offered and how our local economy would have been impacted with a facility like that here.

We were blessed several years ago when the state system constructed the new campus without an increase to our tax bills and created the opportunity to grow a presence here in our community. Issue 5A will allow this to grow to be the intended driver to our economy and provide primary jobs that export students from Craig to the rest of the country.

The CNCC Craig campus began housing students in apartment complexes recently, and that has grown to prove we do need housing as the next real step. It is not a speculation by the staff at CNCC that, if we build it, they will come; it is a proven fact. To ensure growth, however, we need to provide on-campus housing that will also be a funding mechanism to the growth of our campus.

I have always believed we must educate and socialize our children, or we will incarcerate our adults, and just the training opportunity that can be offered by this expansion will not only provide primary jobs, but will provide training for our future workforce.

Please join me in voting “yes” on 5A and building a future together.

David DeRose