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David DeRose: Thank you, COMA

To the editor:

Thanks to all those involved with Communities Overcoming Meth Abuse are not enough.

We should reflect on the beginning of this effort.

To those who were involved, we owe you a great debt from our community. COMA was an effort that was started after the Craig Daily Press ran a series on meth several years ago, and many in our community asked the question, “What can we do?”

A big thanks goes out to Annette Dunckley for the efforts she put forth in starting the move to change our fate.

The clergy was contacted and several of them were involved, but probably the most successful was the Celebrate Recovery effort that The Journey at First Baptist began.

Thanks for being salt and light to our community. Many people in Craig may not know or remember that our community was one of the first that addressed this serious issue and to some extent became a model for a statewide effort.

COMA’s work is not done, we can continue it with education and dedication. There is still work to do, but many of the changes that we made helped to stem what seemed to be a hopeless epidemic in our community and our state.

The movie “Network” comes to mind when one of the main characters asked the public on his news program to go to their window and stick out their head and shout, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

I believe that is the action we as a community took concerning meth. Although we will always have to fight this problem, our actions made a difference and we must continue to maintain the opposition.

As I thought about COMA, I realized there are other problems we face that can be as serious as this was some eight years ago.

What will we do if Colorado House Bill 10-1365 leads to the closure of a coal mine? Can we change our fate in that? Opposing the implementation of this bill and then hanging our head in defeat will not change our fate. What can we do to strengthen our economic base, or should we just take whatever comes our way and lament the outcome?

I am not talking about pie in the sky solutions, but real actions that will change our future and do so quickly.

Think of other problems we face, and they are many, and realize that action by members of the community is the answer.

As I use the local economy as an example, I would invite everyone to ponder the solution of a problem that is pressing in your mind. Look for real and sustainable solutions to that problem.

How do we mentor more youth? What should we do with diseased deer on our yards? The list is longer than this, but we do not have room to list all of them.

Thank goodness that some took the words of Fleetwood Mac seriously when they sang, “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.”

I believe that together we can overcome and be great.

Thanks, COMA, for all you have done.

David DeRose


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