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David DeRose: Join me in voting for referendums C and D

Join me in voting for referendums C and D

To the editor:

I agree with Evelyn Tileston. I do not consider myself a pig, and I am offended by this type of campaign. But I do understand why it is put out there.

Referendums C and D have the ability to heal some of the problems created by the TABOR amendment or as many call it, the Bruce amendment. You have heard of countless local and county governments “de- Brucing” and there is a reason for this. While I do believe that taxpayers should vote on every raise in taxes, whether it be sales tax percentage or mill levy increases, I disagree with almost everything else in this amendment. Referendum C seeks to heal the biggest wound caused by the TABOR and that is important.

Let me try to put this in different terms than you may have heard before. The state of Colorado and most cities in the state operate by sales tax revenues. Sales tax, though none of us like it, is the only tax that automatically and quickly tracks the inflation that the government sees. Think of the government and your household or your business. The rise at the gas pump affects government too and so does the increase in business brought forth by growth and more people.

Referendum C seeks to set back the ability to keep the increase in gross revenues that comes from more energy development, population growth, business attraction, and the influx of people who just want to live in Colorado. This could be put two different ways. Let us say your employer came to you and said we are so busy that you must work 50 hours a week but you will only get paid for 40. You would probably seek other employment. Your gross output of time and labor would raise, but your revenues would not. You would still have to drive to work; miss time with your family and your personal costs would increase. If your business grew 20 percent and you had to only receive the same revenues you did the year before, you would not be there long.

With the lean years of the last few, TABOR took the gross amount set in its wording down and now we can only receive a percentage above that amount increase which will not pay the way of the good times we are now having. With this growth in our economy comes increased costs and without Referendum C we cannot recover these. D is a way to help heal the damage done by this selfish way of thinking. I for one will vote for C and D.

What does its failure mean to all of us? One of the greatest casualties will be higher education and I am often reminded in Craig that if we had not voted down a tax many years ago, we would already have the CNCC main campus here. I believe that was a huge mistake. Every year we see young men and women go away to college and while many need the time away to grow up, some of them are going to Wyoming and Arizona to learn trade technologies such as auto repair and HVAC repair.

There are only two schools in all of Colorado that offer HVAC training that is recognized. We have a group of people who had a great amount of foresight to start a nursing program and a cosmetology program in our branch of CNCC, but all higher education can be negatively affected by the failure of C and D.

Higher education is not the only branch of education that will be hurt not to mention programs like Evelyn Tileston mentioned. A state that does not promote higher education does not prosper for long, and I do not believe that it is the desire of any of us to see that happen. We hold our own future, and it is not just greedy politicians who want to see this pass, but concerned citizens everywhere. Please join me in voting for C and D and thanks for your time.

David DeRose


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