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Dave Wallace: Stand by the Constitution

We are beginning to see the results of the mass hysteria driven by the mainline news media with its opinionated coverage and relentless propaganda in an attempt to generate unrest among the masses over specific firearms. The firearm laws being passed in some states and considered in others are all accomplishments linked to a far greater agenda. No different than termites nibbling away at the base of an attractive and durable dwelling, over a period of time, that dwelling will become weakened to the point of collapse. This is what is happening to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This isn’t new, our Constitution has been quietly nibbled at for many years now.

The George W. Bush administration rammed the Patriot Act down our country’s throat, while misleading the public into believing that losing some liberties is a fair trade for additional security. Several areas of the Patriot Act deal specifically with your privacy and must be reviewed and either suspended or renewed every several years for fear of program abuse. The public has been misled into allowing the government to listen in on phone calls, while monitoring e-messaging. This is not for your benefit, nor does it protect you from a terrorist attack. If this were actually the intent, you would not be seeing the carnage we have seen recently in this country and around the world. No, this underhanded means of information gathering is to protect the government from you; it is easier to manipulate public opinion when one first knows what they are thinking. This violates the fourth and fifth constitutional amendments. The Barack Obama administration moved in and pushed the NDAA through, once again nibbling away at your liberties while removing specific rights to a fair and speedy trial if suspected of certain crimes, undermining the sixth amendment. The TV show, “Live P.D.” is convincing people it is legal and normal for a police officer to jam their hands into your pockets, removing the contents, or dumping ladies purses out on the trunk of a car. It’s not! It is a violation of your constitutional liberties.We are now seeing a another wave of assaults on the second amendment as we open a new chapter in the termite strategy. These new laws that may be viewed as minimal now will ultimately contribute to major consequences in the future. Our second amendment rights were established more than 2 centuries ago by our founding fathers. These individuals did not introduce the second amendment to allow you an exclusive method to protect your family from an intruder or allow you to go hunting. No, this amendment also provides inclusive rights to the people, allowing necessary avenues of resistance against an oppressive government. This amendment was established as a means, if necessary, to defend the Constitution and the guarantee of liberty within.

Elected officials take an oath to abide by and defend the Constitution. When was the last time you saw an elected official recalled or impeached for violating the oath? I can’t recall even one. It is time for the people to wake up and be aware of the termites that dwell within the walls. It’s time to crack through the egg shell and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, while protecting the liberties provided within. The Yellowstone fire, which I have dubbed, “the Yellowstone Syndrome,” is a prime example that, if one does not quench the flame in its infancy, it may become impossible to extinguish the blaze later. Stand by the Constitution now, for when it is gone, all will be lost.

Dave Wallace