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Dave Wallace: School shooting a tragic event

As the mainline news media continues to cover the recent school shooting, and flags are flying at half-staff. I, as well as millions of others, feel deep concern over this tragedy. I pray the family and friends of those who perished find some desperately needed comfort in their time of sorrow.

I do find it troubling that, in the wake of this tragedy, a number of individuals, including former President Barack Obama, and Former Vice President Joe Biden, are wasting no time, as they hastily call for additional firearm legislation. Those are just a couple; there are many more that will be on board as they attempt to capitalize on this latest tragedy.

Rahm Emanuel, an American politician, once said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” which has become standard operating procedure in Washington. Will stricter gun legislation prevent these tragedies from happening again? I can’t say sure, although I am sure of one thing, and that is, these murderous intentions originated in the mind of an individual, not in the chamber of a gun.

What drives an individual to the point of mass murder, and where does this level of rage and hatred come from? Is it destiny? Some people may think so; I don’t. There is an inconvenient truth the media chooses not to cover and bureaucrats and corporations continue to cover up. There is a common factor present in nearly all mass killings that have taken place over the last couple decades, and it’s not the guns.

Nearly all of the perpetrators of these horrific crimes were either currently, or had been, taking psychotropic drugs, selective serotonin re-uptake Inhibitors’, or SSRIs. Scientific studies, along with internal company documents, have shown side effects of these drugs to include, but not be limited to, suicide and violent behavior.

An internet site, http://www.ssristories.org, has documented over 6,000 cases from around the world linking these powerful mind-altering drugs to suicide and homicide. And, of course, the argument is, these drugs are used to treat an underlying mental health issue and the mental condition being treated is to blame for the murderous behavior. Which leads us down the rabbit hole a bit further. Why is there such a tremendous number of mental health issues present in society these days? One in six Americans take antidepressants, or some form of psychiatric Drugs.

In the early 90s, Dr. Phillis Mullenix made the determination through lab experiments that fluoride is a neurotoxin. Neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, ADHD and other cognitive impairments, including lower IQs, are affecting millions of children worldwide. Industrial chemicals that injure the developing brain are among the known causes for this rise in prevalence. A 2014 Harvard study included fluoride to the list of chemicals that cause neurobehavioral effects.

These are not the only harmful conditions tied to fluoride exposure. Fluoride has been linked to effects on the pineal gland, thyroid function, arthritic symptoms, hip fractures in the elderly, osteosarcoma (a bone cancer) in young men and many more adverse health effects. Informed consent is a standard practice for all medications with the exception of fluoride. Seventy percent of the U.S. population continues to be forcefully medicated with fluoride being applied in mass with no control over individual dosage. Could fluoride be linked to the mental instability of those who perpetrate mass killings? I believe it’s likely. We do know it is tied to many adverse mental and physical health effects, so why take the chance? The time has come to address the cause of mental illness in our country and our community.

Dave Wallace