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Dave Wallace: Nurses deserve our gratitude

Nurses are great individuals. They work long hours to provide care and comfort to their patients. They are always smiling and pleasant while hiding their own troubles, and they most certainly have a sense of humor.

Our community is fortunate to have an educational institution that trains these dedicated members of society. I remember a time many years ago when I was in the hospital awaiting a procedure related to an appendectomy I had received prior. I had my gown on and was lying on a bed while the nurse prepared my arm for an IV.

Being rather nervous and suffering from cotton mouth, I asked for a drink of water. She, the nurse, replied, “In just a minute.” Shortly thereafter, she asked me to roll onto my side, which I did; she then delivered the water. This most certainly took me by surprise and was definitely not what I had expected. I did not get the cool refreshing drink of water I so desperately needed to overcome my dry mouth — no — this water was delivered via the opposite end.

Never having experienced this bizarre treatment before, I was speechless. She then directed me down the hall where I could find a drinking fountain and a bathroom. She didn’t tell me it was about a mile away, or at least that is how it seemed as I crossed my legs and pulled myself down the hall with my toes, all the while doing my best to keep the gown closed, and I can assure you, the fountain was not my first stop.

Well, I made the round trip safely and returned to my room., The nurse was patiently waiting and gave me a grin. I smiled back and gave her a little nod.

As I returned to the bed, I looked into her eyes as she connected the IV tube, and I could see her mascara was streaked from tears that had rolled down her cheeks. I just smiled, for I knew those weren’t funeral tears; no, not at all.

Take the time to thank the nurse next time you are in the clinic or hospital, for these individuals have huge hearts and represent humanity in its fondest form. And, who knows? You, too, may have the opportunity someday to ask a nurse for a drink of water. I still smile when I think back on that little stay in the hospital many years ago, and to this day, I remain very thankful that I hadn’t asked for a hamburger.

Dave Wallace