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Dave DeRose: Time to vote yes on school improvements

To the editor:

Times, they are a-changing.

In 1947 people gathered around the radio and listened to President Harry Truman, and a trip to Denver from Craig was a major endeavor. In 1955 Chevrolet introduced the small block V-8 and what an advance in technology. Today radios are not the focal point of our homes as many of us have big screen televisions with many channels of HDTV. Our cars have heated electric seats, power windows, door locks and air bags to protect us. Remember when auto makers added padded dash boards in 1959 for some and all by 1961.

In 1980, 27 years ago, we built two new buildings, Moffat County High School and Ridgeview Elementary. Even since 1980 many things have changed. Fresh air requirements to buildings are different than opening the windows and hoping for a breeze. Heating is not the old thermocouple that it once was. Fuel consumption requirements have given us systems that monitor the heating load and adjust the amount of gas they burn to match the need.

Before I committed to this effort, I toured the facilities. Sunset was built in 1955 and at that time ventilation was not an issue. We did not have a need to control access to our schools as we do today and you will notice that there are doors into every classroom at Sunset which make monitoring and control next to impossible. As a matter of fact the problem of security exists in all of our schools.

Let’s talk electrical. Lighting and electrical upgrades are needed everywhere. Even in 1980 most of us did not use a computer for anything and now many of us cannot live without a laptop and a desktop. Technology in our schools has changed dramatically and this bond will address the needs of our students to live in the 21st century.

Then there is the issue of the old infrastructure. Our roofs on the schools need attention, and most of you have driven through the high school parking lot. With a shrinking revenue stream we begin to see these things fall into disrepair. 3A will address these needs and give Moffat County Schools a leg up, if you will, in keeping our infrastructure in tact.

I believe that we can improve the health and education of our next generation and repair failing infrastructure for the future. That is why I am writing this letter to the community. Your vote for 3A will cost about $5 per month for a house with an assessed valuation of $150,000.

If you want to see what this means to you go to our Web site http://www.ourkidsourcommunity.com and use the tax calculator to get your real cost.

Once you have visited the site ask yourselves this question: Can I afford to give up a cup or two of fancy coffee per month to educate the future leaders of my country?

As for me the answer is yes. Please join me in voting yes on 3A.

Dave DeRose

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