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Dave DeRose: Football season begins

As August ends so begins football season. My favorite time of the year. Wednesday night, I was privileged to watch a third- and fourth-grade Doak Walker game at Woodbury Park and then on Friday the Bulldogs’ victory over the Sailors at the Bulldog Proving Grounds.

Saturday night I traveled to Denver to watch the Broncos, which only cost $90 more per ticket than the Bulldog game, which was a better value. It was really good to watch young men play as Bulldogs who you watched play as third- through sixth-grade Doak Walker players.

Many if not all of the Bulldogs played in the Doak Walker league as youngsters and it is great to see the skills they learned come into play on a larger stage. The fifth-grader that was fast then is now like lightning, and the brutes are still brutes today making tackles that can only fill any coach’s heart with pride.

Many years have passed as young high school players are making the journey to adulthood, and we can look back at them as children playing a game that they love and have become skilled at.

It was great to see the team spirit and the stadium alive with students there to celebrate in the team’s win and as the team sang the Bulldog fight song I could not help but go back to my high school days, a 42-year trip into the past. I wonder if the Broncos will let me into their games for the $5 gate fee and let me give the rest of that money to the Bulldog program.

You can watch as young men give their all in a game that they love and for the pride of their team, school and our community. 

I hope you will come out next Friday to watch the Bulldogs as it is well worth your time and if you have time attend a Doak Walker game as you do not need to be related to enjoy those and they are free.

You might see the future Bulldog quarterback or middle linebacker in action. I know I have witnessed many of them at Woodbury over the years. Doak Walker is on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 5:15 p.m. and it is time well spent. 

To all the Bulldogs that I have the privilege to know and to those that I do not all I can say is: You guys rock.

Dave DeRose

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