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Dart season heating up

Bruce Tippets

He stands at the line, his arm cocked and ready to throw. It’s not a pitcher, it’s not a quarterback, but a Craig Dart League player preparing to hit a bull’s-eye.

According to Barb Hoefer, league president, the league has a dozen teams.

“Right now we have 12 teams with two players on each team,” said Hoefer.

Every Thursday, the league meets at the Holiday Inn, the Mather’s Bar and the Golden Cavvy.

“We play a game called 301,” said Hoefer. “That’s where you start with 301 points and you play down to zero. We then play a game called Cricket, and in Cricket you have to get a 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and the bull’s-eye. There are different point values in both games.”

According to Hoefer, Cricket is not easy.

“We play 12 games a night,” said Hoefer. “We play six games in Cricket and 301. In my opinion, the Cricket game is the hardest because you have to aim at the numbers and that makes it a little bit more difficult. If you get three bull’s-eye in a row then that is called a hat trick.”

According to Hoefer, the competitions last several hours.

“Depending on how good the teams are the evening usually takes two or three hours,” said Hoefer. “We play against a different team each week.”

Hoefer said the league started earlier this month.

“This year we started in December and we will go through April in time for everybody to go down to the Las Vegas tournament,” said Hoefer. “We have to play 96 games in order to go to Las Vegas. Last year most of the players went, but this year we have a lot of new players and I don’t know how many of them will go this year.”

Dart league member Jeannine Knez is a veteran.

“A couple of years ago I had a roommate playing in the dart league and I was going to the Las Vegas tournament with him,” said Knez. “Somebody found out half way through the season that I was going to be in Las Vegas. The league didn’t have enough women to make up a team and I had to play twice a week to be eligible to play on the women’s team. The women’s team finished in third place and I have been playing every year since then.”

The league hosts a tournament once a year at the Holiday Inn.

“We have a tournament here in February and it’s called the Best of the West tournament,” said Hoefer. “People come from Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. We advertise everywhere and you don’t have to be a league member to enter.”

Hoefer encourages more people to come out for the league.

“Hopefully, next year we have a better turnout than we did this year,” said Hoefer. “It’s a very relaxing game and it gives you a chance to get away from the house for an evening.”