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Dale Walling: Support your fire board

To the editor:

As a former Craig resident (1977 – 1984), I follow your local news. As a 20 year veteran full time firefighter in a suburb of Seattle, I’ve taken interest in your training tower conflict.

Craig has always enjoyed the benefits (even way back in the ’70’s) of an outstanding, dedicated group of volunteer firefighters. These men and women have dedicated countless hours to providing fire protection and life safety for your community.

Two of the most important aspects to maintaining such a quality program is to maintain a high level of morale and provide quality training opportunities.

It appears your board has found a cost effective way to address mandated training needs without raising taxes.

If you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with receiving quality fire protection provided by motivated, dedicated, well-trained volunteers please support the board members that you elected to make these important decisions. This will also be a show of support to those dedicated volunteers who are probably also your neighbors and friends.

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Dale Walling