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DA candidates brace for results

Joshua Roberts

More than six months of campaigning – through door-to-door visits, public forums, a debate and other methods – in three counties ends today for two candidates vying to become the 14th Judicial District’s next District Attorney.

Elizabeth Oldham, a Republican and assistant 14th Judicial District Attorney, and Tammy Stewart, a Democrat and assistant Moffat County Attorney, find themselves on opposite sides of the ticket in today’s election.

Neither candidate is making an Election Day prediction.

“I think it’s hard in our jurisdiction” to predict an election’s outcome, Stewart said, adding that she and Oldham have run “very strong, hard campaigns.”

“I honestly won’t have any idea until all the votes are counted,” Oldham said.

Unlike other local races, the bid for District Attorney isn’t limited solely to one area; it encompasses the vote totals from Moffat, Routt and Grand counties, each corner of the judicial district.

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Stewart, who will campaign this morning in Moffat County, is making the rounds of the judicial district today.

She is scheduled to be in Moffat County from about 7 to 11 a.m., followed by trips to Hayden, Steamboat Springs, Oak Creek and Grand County, before settling back in Steamboat Springs to await election results.

Oldham said she’ll be working today, handling cases, and will monitor election results with friends and family at a gathering in Grandby in the evening.

Both candidates said they enjoyed being on the campaign trail, but they are glad the end is near. The campaign has required juggling multiple responsibilities while canvassing the three counties for votes.

“I am glad for it to be ending,” Oldham said. “It’s been very exciting, I’ve met a lot of people, but it’s been hectic.”

“It was a lot of fun : but I’ve never been more tired,” Stewawrt said. “I’m glad it’s coming to an end, but it’s been one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had.”

And, each candidate made a late pitch Monday night for voters on the fence about choosing between the two candidates today.

“I am passionate about the job, and I care about the office,” Oldham said Monday afternoon from her office in Grand County. “I care about the office, and I have the experience in managing the office and in court.”

“I think I am actually the vote of change in the District Attorney’s Office, and justice knows no party,” Stewart said.

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At a glance

Name: Elizabeth Oldham

Residence: Grand Lake

Party affiliation: Republican

Legal experience: 10 years

Position: assistant district attorney, 14th Judicial District

Name: Tammy L. Stewart

Residence: Steamboat Springs

Party affiliation: Democrat

Legal experience: 19 years

Position: assistant Moffat County attorney and owner of Law Offices of Tammy L. Stewart in Steamboat Springs