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D. A. Berryhill: Stick to advice from medical doctors

Editor’s note: Jessica German subscribes to a service provided by Dr. Fred Lowry and said she is authorized to use information from that service.

To the editor:

This is in regard to an article in your paper Nov. 14 titled “Vaccine not proven to be safe, effective,” by Jessica German. I was quite disappointed in the views expressed by Ms. German, feeling that publishing such opinions could cause some of your readers to forego potentially life-saving flu vaccinations.

While looking on the Internet to try to substantiate some of her claims, I found that Ms. German’s views are not only potentially harmful, they are also plagiarized.

See http://www.flu.org.cn/news/200410176557.htm and you will find the original article, sourced as an article by Fred Lowry, published in The Charlotte Observer on Oct. 17, with only minor changes from the article you printed as “by Jessica German.”

Forgive me if this next remark seems to impugn all homeopaths and chiropractors, as Ms. German claims to be, but I feel that your readers would be better served if you stuck to publishing medical advice from (medical doctors) when it is available. I think you’ll find it to be much more likely based in science. And also much less likely to embarrass your paper and harm your readers.

D. A. Berryhill

Medical Technologist

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

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