Customers flock to Hayden shop to celebrate Pi Day |

Customers flock to Hayden shop to celebrate Pi Day

HAYDEN — Pies big and small tempted customers of Wild Goose Coffee at the Granary in Hayden on Wednesday, March 14, when people celebrate Pi — the mathematical constant that begins with the numbers 3.14.

The shop posted the following message:

“It’s Pi Day, and Wild Goose is serving pies to celebrate. So far, we have mixed berry pie, apple pie, chicken pot pie, sausage and egg pie. Coming up — lemon meringue and more. Circle on in, increase your circumference; the radius from your home to Wild Goose is short, and two pies are waiting for you. Come to think of it, the whole Hayden area can have a square meal (and some good coffee) if they get on the radius here for some pie. It will round out your whole day.”

Pi Day is not without its detractors; both dieters and some mathematics geeks shun the celebration.

“Pi Day is a lie day,” according to the headline on The post goes on to say, “π as a number is bad, and therefore, so is the entire misguided day dedicated to its celebration. … Instead of pi, we should celebrate tau, an alternative circle constant referred to by the Greek letter τ that equals 2π, or approximately 6.28.”

It’s not clear what food might honor tau day, but if it’s yummy, June 28 is just around the corner.

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