Crime Briefs: Man charged with five felonies following home burglary |

Crime Briefs: Man charged with five felonies following home burglary

A 20-year-old male is facing five felony charges and six misdemeanor charges following a burglary at a home on the 500 block of Tucker Street, later leading to a foot pursuit with police that resulted in injuries to a pair of officers.

According to the arrest affidavit of the 20-year-old male, officers responded to reports of a home burglary in progress on the 500 block of Tucker Street. A female homeowner awoke to the male in her home rummaging through cabinets and the refrigerator. The woman ran back into her bedroom to wake up her husband, who then chased the male out of the house.

In the process of running out of the house, the male dropped a backpack full of marijuana paraphernalia and a wallet belonging to the homeowner.

When the homeowners were contacted by police, the male homeowner said he observed that his unattached garage door was open and boxes had been searched through. He also stated he was missing a bottle of pain medication.

While contacting the home owners, another officer observed the male that matched the description hiding in a neighbor’s shed.

When attempting to place him into handcuffs, the 20-year-old male broke free of the grasp of officers, jumped over a fence and ran from officers, according to the affidavit.

While in pursuit of the suspect, one officer deployed his taser, which was unsuccessful. A second officer then deployed his taser and subdued the suspect. Officers then observed the male was dressed in all black and had black gloves on his hands.

During the pursuit of the suspect, one officer suffered cuts on his knees, while another officer suffered a cut on his arm. Both were treated on-scene.

After apprehending the suspect, officers went back to the shed where the male was hiding and found several stickers, two marijuana glass dab bowls, a pink cloth pouch and a backpack. While following the male’s path during the pursuit, officers found more stickers, family photographs of the homeowners, a silver knife and numerous marijuana paraphernalia.

After returning the items to the homeowners, officers then transported the suspect to Moffat County Jail, where he told officers that an “acquaintance” whom he chose not to name told him there were some bongs inside the residence that he wanted the male to get so he could sell them.

The 20-year-old male entered the home through the back door and observed his acquaintance rummaging through storage, telling officers he found it “strange.” The male told officers he wanted to leave, and that’s when the homeowner woke up, leading to him fleeing.

The male told officers he didn’t see where his acquaintance ran to, but when he saw the officer looking for him, he hid in the shed and knew he was in trouble due to being out on bond.

The male was then charged with three counts of felony second degree burglary and two felony counts of second degree assault on a peace officer. The male was also charged with Crime of Violation of a Protection Order (prescription drugs and marijuana), resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, theft of $300<$750, and violation of bail bond conditions.


A 27-year-old male found himself behind bars against on Oct. 3 after being contacted by police inside Walmart, where he previously had been trespassed.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers responded to Walmart around 7:50 p.m. in an attempt to locate a male party suspected of attempted 1st degree criminal trespass involving a vehicle one hour prior.

Once inside the store, officers observed a male matching the description in the office supply section of the store. At the time, officers had knowledge that the male had an active trespass notice prohibiting him from being on any property owned by Walmart.

Upon contact, officers searched the male’s backpack for a crowbar reportedly witnessed being used in the trespass incident early. Nothing was found on the male that implicated him in the crime.

However, officers arrested the male for trespassing in Walmart and a valid misdemeanor warrant out of Moffat County for another crime.

Once under arrest, officers transported the male back outside to the patrol vehicle, where a full search was conducted. In the male’s pocket, officers found a blue bandana with a Walmart tag still attached, and also found roughly 20 gel pens in his pocket, which matched the same pens sold in the store.

Officers later spoke with a Walmart manager and determined that the concealed items totaled $26.90.

The male was later charged with felony violation of bail bonds, a misdemeanor charge of 2nd degree criminal trespass, and class one petty offense of theft less than $50.

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