Craig’s sweetheart couple stays strong during trying times |

Craig’s sweetheart couple stays strong during trying times

Noelle Leavitt Riley
Corky and Ed Coverston hold a picture of themselves that was taken at St. Michael's Catholic Church. After they returned home from the photo shoot, Corky, who is fighting breast cancer, took a shower and her hair began to fall out. To show his wife support, Ed shaved his head.
Noelle Leavitt Riley

Love is expressed in many ways, but perhaps the most powerful way to show someone you love them is to stand by their side during rough times.

That’s exactly what Ed Coverston has done for his lovely wife, Corky, who is fighting triple negative breast cancer.

Corky had a double mastectomy in October and is currently going through chemotherapy at The Memorial Hospital, which has caused her to hair to fall out. To show her love, Ed shaved his head.

“It was just something to support her,” Ed said. “Something to make her feel better.”

The gesture brought tears to Corky’s eyes, making her feel more loved than ever.

“It was just a shock,” Corky said. “I was on the couch sleeping. I woke up, and he had a hat on and I said ‘you got a haircut’ and he pulled his hat off and he had shaved it all off.”

The couple has been married for 46 years and have two daughters, Ronda and Penny, and two grandsons, Hunter, 12, and Gunner, 8.

They met right after Ed returned from his second deployment in Vietnam, and it’s fair to say it was love at first sight. Nine months later, the couple got married in a Nevada wedding chapel. Corky was 18 and Ed was 25.

“I love her for her heart and for the way she treats other people,” Ed said. “She’s just a very considerate and loving person.”

You only have to spend a minute with the Craig couple to see and feel how much love they have each other, and their love has survived plenty of ups and downs.

Their hardships have come in the form of health problems. This isn’t the first time Corky has had cancer. She survived colon cancer 16 years ago, and Ed has lived through prostate cancer.

Not only that, but both of their daughters have pulled through breast cancer, so Corky’s latest health issues just added an extra layer to the “I’m going to beat cancer” game.

Corky’s love for her husband is deeply rooted through the love and support he’s shown her through all the tribulations they’ve survived — and it’s easy to see that their love is strong enough to carry them through Corky’s current ailment.

“He’s been there for me since the first day we met,” she said. “He always told me that he’d take good care of me.”

Corky commends not only her husband but also the team of doctors and nurses at TMH who have carried her through her double mastectomy and chemo treatments.

“Dr. Driggs is a very, very good doctor,” Corky said.

When Corky found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided immediately that she wanted to have both of her breasts removed to help fight the disease, and Ed was extremely sympathetic with her decision.

He told her that she’s number one and that he was behind her 100 percent.

“He told me that he was going to take all the mirrors down so that I’d quit looking at my body,” Corky said. “He told me that that’s not what he loves me for.”

The couple has a strong support system through their friends, family and church.

They attend St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Craig — a church where they renewed their vows in 2000.

“I think every church in town has me on their prayer chains and in England and all over the United States,” Corky said.

The day before Corky started to lose her hair, the couple had their picture taken by St. Michael’s for the church directory.

“We had our picture taken, and then I went home to take a shower and (my hair) started coming out in chunks,” she said.

Corky doesn’t feel the need to wear a wig, and now that Ed has shaved his head, she feels more confident than ever.

Their love continues to grow through every moment of fighting her disease.

“If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Ed said of their marriage.

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