Craig woman seeks help finding lost service dog |

Craig woman seeks help finding lost service dog

Sebastian is a neutered male golden retriever who went missing May 21 from a ranch located at 1250 Moffat County Road 200. Anyone with information about the dog is asked to call Cynthia Morgan, at 970-819-7260 or Coty Dilldine, at 970-761-5305.
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CRAIG — Cynthia Morgan is asking for the public’s help. The Craig resident is desperate to find Sebastian, her 20-month-old golden retriever, who went missing 10 days ago at her stepdaughter’s 38-acre ranch, about 15 miles northwest of Craig on Moffat County Road 200.

Morgan, who copes with a number of health issues, must use a wheelchair much of the time, and Sebastian is trained to serve as her therapy dog.

But the two share a bond that runs much deeper.

They are companions, friends, family.

“The only time I cry is when I talk about Sebastian,” she said, fighting tears.

Morgan said her stepdaughter, Coty Dilldine — who has five dogs of her own — cares for Sebastian from time-to-time. On May 21, Morgan said, Dilldine had let the dogs outside — which she does every evening — only that day, Sebastian did not return.

Morgan thinks wildlife may have captured the rambunctious, young dog’s attention, leading him to stray and become lost.

“He’s still young enough and goofy enough that, if he saw a rabbit or a cat or something like that, he probably would have chased it,” she said.

Sebastian is a full-blooded, neutered, male golden retriever with a light-colored coat. He weighs between 80 and 90 pounds, but Morgan stressed he has a friendly, gentle nature and would probably come to a stranger if called by name.

“He’s still got a lot of puppy in him, so he’s kind of a goofball,” she said. “I call him ‘adorkable.’”

She added that Sebastian was wearing a red collar with his veterinary tags and city license, as well as a tag bearing her name and contact information. He is also microchipped, though unfortunately, the chip is not GPS enabled.

More than anything, Morgan wants Sebastian back home with her, but if that can’t happen, she’d settle — albeit sadly — for closure.

“All I’m looking for is proof of life or death,” she said. “I’ll do anything.”

Anyone who may have seen a dog matching Sebastian’s description is asked call Morgan at 970-819-7260 or Dilldine at 970-761-5305.


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