Craig vandals arrested thanks to social media |

Craig vandals arrested thanks to social media

Patrick Kelly

Two men were arrested Thursday around 12:30 p.m. for allegedly vandalizing several buildings across town with graffiti.

Cody Ferrer McGowan, 24, and Grant Rakowski, 21, both of Craig, are facing felony criminal mischief charges, said Sgt. John Forgay from Craig Police Department.

The men are under arrest for suspicion of painting crude images early Thursday morning on Mathers’ Bar, Miller Family Appliance, Thunder Rolls Bowling Center, Craig City Hall and what was formerly Stacks Smokehouse.

At two of the locations the suspects painted a cigarette with the words “kill yourself.” Another of the attempts at street art criticized the Environmental Protection Agency.

Craig Police Department Chief Walt Vanatta said the use of Facebook was crucial in apprehending the suspects.

While checking surveillance video at Walmart, officers from CPD found two men who purchased paint the same colors as the ones used in the crime. Their picture was put on Facebook, which resulted in several tips, Forgay said.

Shortly after receiving the tip, officers questioned McGowan and Rakowski before arresting them.

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