Craig to start electronics recycling program |

Craig to start electronics recycling program

Erin Fenner
As of July 1, it is illegal to dump electronics in landfills. To help residents comply with the new laws, Craig launched an electronics recycling program.
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To comply with the new Colorado law that makes it illegal to dump electronics in landfills, Craig will start picking up computers, televisions, printers and other electronic items to recycle.

Craig probably won’t have enough volume of trashed electronics to recycle within the city, said Craig City Manager Jim Ferree.

It might be tricky to implement, he said.

“People will, I’m sure, have electronics buried in their dumpsters that we never see,” he said. “It will have to be voluntary at first.”

It’s an expensive project, but unavoidable because the law became effective at the beginning of July, said Don Jones, city councilmember.

“It needs to be done — there’s not an option,” Jones said.

The prices vary. While televisions will cost people one dollar per screen inch for special pick-up, computer monitors will cost $12.

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