Craig stores can meet many registry needs

Christina M. Currie

Don’t need a toaster? Don’t want lawn art?

Register now or forever hold your peace.

Registering for wedding presents is the ultimate shopping spree — wandering through a store and picking out items that strike your fancy so that someone else can (hopefully) buy them for you.

“When people register, the advantage is that they get the things they like,” said Helen Bennett, manager of Trinkets, Trash and Treasures in Craig. “Sometimes, people go crazy.”

Almost all department stores maintain a bridal registry, but options for today’s couples are becoming more varied. For instance, home improvement and discount chains offer registries, a practical choice for couples who might need a garden tiller more than they need finger bowls.

In Craig, nearly every store will help couples establish a bridal registry. Brides need only speak to a sales clerk or store manager to see if a registry is available.

It’s a good idea to include at least one store with branches nationwide or with an 800-number that will allow guests to shop by telephone.

Once you’ve decided on the stores, the next step is compiling your list. Remember to include some items that are inexpensive for friends and relatives on a more limited budget.

“It seems like some people don’t want to register because it seems like they’re asking for gifts, but that’s not the way guests think,” said Nadine Daszkiewicz, owner of the Kitchen Shop in Craig. “Guests are just happy they’re getting something the bride and groom need.”

In Daszkiewicz’s case, she doesn’t just list the items the bride and groom like, she makes special note of the items they specifically don’t like in case a guest wants to shop without using the registry.

“I think a good shower or wedding present is something you know they need and is possibly a little better than they would buy themselves. It doesn’t have to be expensive,” Daszkiewicz said.

The last detail — making sure guests know where you’re registered — requires tact and discretion. It is generally considered a faux pas to inform your guests directly, such as including stores on the wedding invitation. But most guests will ask someone in your family or a member of the wedding party who can then pass on the information. Some guests may ask you directly. In that case, simply say, “We’re registered at (store name).”

Most guests will go directly to the mother of the bride for a registry list.

Some stores, such as Trinkets, Trash and Treasures, post a list of who is registered on their door. Others, such as the Kitchen Shop, advertise the names of those registered at that store in the newspaper.

The benefits to wedding guests are many.

“It takes all the guesswork out of giving,” Bennett said.

Registering for wedding gifts ensure money is spent in a way that will be useful and appreciated, Daszkiewicz said.

“No one ever comments negatively on a registry list,” she said. “Guests like to know they can get a present taken care of without having to spend days shopping.”

Another benefit is that sometimes the purchase can be taken care of with a phone call.

Many stores will choose a gift from the bride’s list, wrap it and ship or deliver it if needed.

“We’ve had calls from people who are traveling to a wedding to have a gift wrapped and ready to pick up the day of the wedding,” Daszkiewicz said.

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