Craig Sea Sharks have strong showing at home state meet |

Craig Sea Sharks have strong showing at home state meet

Had the Colorado seasonal state swim meet been earlier in the season, Molly Neton may not have been as successful in the 100-meter backstroke.

However, Neton, 10, steadily improved over the summer and posted her best time during the swim meet, which ran Friday through Sunday at the Craig Swimming Complex.

Swimming as a member of the Craig Sea Sharks, Neton came in at 1 minute, 40.51 seconds — about four seconds faster than her previous personal best — to place fifth in the state in the girls 9- and 10-year-old division.

"It was a good weekend because I placed fifth in the whole state," Neton said. "I believed I could do better and I listened to my coaches' pointers to keep getting better."

Earlier in the season, Neton swam just over 2 minutes in the event. That time would have placed Neton last of more than 20 competitors at the meet.

Neton said at the beginning of the season, she was placing 22nd in the 100-meter backstroke, but showing up to practice every day made her a stronger swimmer.

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"I have been swimming for three years and have gotten better each year," she said. "Just getting in the water helps, and I just try to do my best every time and try as hard as I can."

Neton also took seventh in the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 46.33 seconds.

Of all the events she competes in, Neton said the backstroke is her favorite.

"When you swim the backstroke, you get to stare up at the sky instead of having your head in the water," she said. "The (100-meter) backstroke is probably my favorite event because you also have to have concentration and pace yourself a little more than the shorter backstroke events."

The Sea Sharks placed nine swimmers in the top 10 of 14 events. The state meet was the last of the year for the Sea Sharks.

Matthew Cooper placed in two events in the boys 6 and under division — the 50-meter freestyle (6) and the 25-meter freestyle (8).

Alexa Neton placed seventh in the 25-meter backstroke and Kelsey McDiffett took eighth in the 25-meter breaststroke, with both girls competing in the girls 8 and under division.

Dylan Chalmers came in eighth place in the boys 9- to 10-year-old 100-meter freestyle and Burke Henderson took 10th in the girls 9- to 10-year-old 100-meter breaststroke.

Jaci McDiffett placed 10th in the 50-meter backstroke and Marisa Hulstine took eighth in the 200-meter freestyle. Jaci and Hulstine both competed in the girls 11- to 12-year-old division.

Katelyn Peroulis placed in the top 10 in four events as part of the girls 13- to 14-year-old division — the 400-meter individual medley (7), the 200-meter freestyle (8), the 200-meter backstroke (10) and the 100-meter backstroke (10).

Colby Beckett, 11, who swam the boys 11- to 12-year-old 50-meter, 100-meter and 200-meter freestyle, said his weekend was successful because he took time off in most of his events.

Beckett said he enjoys the 50-meter freestyle the best because it is more of sprint and not as much about endurance.

"You go fast the entire event and you start out fast," he said. "Instead of pacing yourself for later in the event, you have to give it your all the entire time."

Beckett, who has been swimming as part of the Sea Sharks for four years, said he enjoys the summer meets because he gets to see friends from different towns, but he still strives to improve.

"When I started the season ,I was swimming the 200-meter freestyle in about 2 minutes, 50 seconds," he said. "Now, I have the time down to about 2 minuets, 7 seconds. I went to practice all the time and tried my hardest to improve, and it paid off in the last meet of the season."

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Seasonal state swim meet results

Craig Sea Sharks top individual results from the Colorado seasonal state swim meet Friday through Sunday at the Craig Swimming Complex:

(Name — division — event — place — time)

• Molly Neton — girls 9 and 10 — 100-meter backstroke — 5 — 1:40.51

• Molly Neton — girls 9 and 10 — 50-meter backstroke — 7 — 46.33

• Matthew Cooper — boys 6 and under — 50-meter freestyle — 6 — 1:30.28

• Matthew Cooper — boys 6 and under — 25-meter freestyle — 8 — 37.99

• Alexa Neton — girls 8 and under — 25-meter backstroke — 7 — 26.16

• Katelyn Peroulis — girls 13 and 14 — 400-meter individual medley — 7 — 6:42.52

• Katelyn Peroulis — girls 13 and 14 — 200-meter freestyle — 9 — 2:40.19

• Katelyn Peroulis — girls 13 and 14 — 200-meter backstroke — 10 — 3:06.23

• Katelyn Peroulis — girls 13 and 14 — 100-meter backstroke — 10 — 1:28.87

• Dylan Chalmers — boys 9 and 10 — 100-meter freestyle — 8 — 1:28.89

• Marisa Hulstine — girls 11 and 12 — 200-meter freestyle — 8 — 2:53.37

• Kelsey McDiffett — girls 8 and under — 25-meter breaststroke — 10 — 31.61

• Burke Henderson — girls 9 and 10 — 100-meter breaststroke — 10 — 1:55.19

• Jaci McDiffett — girls 11 and 12 — 50-meter backstroke — 10 — 46.45