Craig Rummel: Risks to erosion of rule of law |

Craig Rummel: Risks to erosion of rule of law

We have over 600 jurisdictions (states, cities, and counties) that currently violate federal immigration law by claiming sanctuary status. Our own state legislature, bypassing the “Red flag bill” is violating our 2nd and 5th amendment rights (right to keep and bear arms and innocent until proven guilty). In response at least 27 counties or sheriff’s offices have stated that they will not enforce the law.

In the final example, our Colorado legislature and new governor have decided to re-interpret the constitution and join several other states and give away our state’s power in the electoral college by using the national popular vote totals (Civics lesson: the electoral college gives a little more power to states with smaller populations). Why would a state want to give it’s power away?

Individual citizens and privately owned companies cannot arbitrarily choose which laws or regulations we obey.  The government will force us to obey by threat of force (fines or jail). Public servants/politicians and these other jurisdictions, however, have exempted themselves from prosecution and are outside the law.

If our federal, state and local governments choose which laws they want to obey, we should as a county buy the power plant and coal mines. As an EPA sanctuary county, we could ignore state and federal regulations. Wild Earth Guardians and the Sierra Club would only be able to stand by and watch as we produce as much coal and electricity as possible to sell on the open market. Bypassing regulations would allow us to make a greater profit which could then be used to build and maintain roads, schools, etc. instead of begging the state for money. The county and county officials would be free of liability (just like officials who release illegal immigrants that then go on to rape and murder). While we’re at it, we could “drill baby drill.” Our county will be an energy “mecca.”

The reality is that we can’t do this because, thankfully, the vast majority of “We the People” still believe in the rule of law. If government entities, politicians and bureaucrats are not held to the same standard as private citizens, anarchy and chaos will follow.

Craig Rummel