Craig resident rolls out line of cologne, which he makes in his bedroom |

Craig resident rolls out line of cologne, which he makes in his bedroom

Austin O’Mailia completes long four-year journey with signature line of BroDux cologne

Joshua Carney / Craig Press
Austin O'Mailia, 19, shows off his signature line of BroDux cologne on shelves inside Moffat Mercantile Dec. 17. O'Mailia makes the cologne in his bedroom and hopes to see it land in big box stores in the future.

In a year full of challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs, 19-year-old Moffat County native Austin O’Mailia had a breakthrough in his own right, seeing the completion of his very own line of cologne, made right from the comfort of his own bedroom.

It took three years of love and labor to bring BroDux to market.

A 2019 Moffat County High School graduate, O’Mailia has long enjoyed mixing and matching things especially chemicals in soaps and fragrances, due to his parents previously owning Detail Solutions — auto detailing business — in Craig.

“That’s really when I began making these colognes,” O’Mailia said. “You know, my mom, she had some fingers in with the fragrance earlier on. So she actually helped me along in making these products. It took me just about four years; this is my final product, and we’re ready to go.”

In school O’Mailia was always into science, often tinkering with things in hopes of trying to improve them. Having a family background in shampoos and cleaning products, O’Mailia picked up on it, following in his parents’ footsteps to become an entrepreneur himself.

“They’ve always been entrepreneurs, so I definitely picked up on that from them,” O’Mailia said. “We always watch ‘Shark Tank’ together, and there was a guy on there that had his own line of cologne he was selling. I thought his price was a bit high, and I thought I could beat that, so I started tinkering.

“It’s been a long four-year process that started in January of 2017, so to finally have a finished product means the world to me,” O’Mailia added.

Currently, BroDux offers five different fragrances, each priced at $50 a bottle. Surprisingly, O’Mailia does it all from his bedroom in Craig, really taking the self-starter moniker to a new level.

“Yeah, it’s all done in my bedroom; I have a neat setup,” O’Mailia said.

O’Mailia has a double boiler in his room, shelves with all the necessary chemicals, a heating mixture that mixes itself, and a number of instruments in his home production system that allows him to extract fragrances, essential oils and more, before then bottling it up to be ready to sell.

Now that the final product is complete, O’Mailia is hoping to see all his hard work and innovation take off, eventually reaching big boxes across the country. For now, O’Mailia is sort of like a local celebrity with his product for sale at Moffat Mercantile.

“The goal is to have my product in big box stores; that’s something I hope I can fulfill,” O’Mailia said. “I’ve started out locally and hope to get into Walgreens at some point in the next year, since they do take local products. But hopefully I can just continue to grow this and find some investors and maybe have enough capital to make it into a bigger factory other than my bedroom.”

Tammy Villard, the owner of Moffat Mercantile, gave O’Mailia his first big break, featuring the cologne inside her very own store.

“It means a lot to have them work with me and give me the opportunity,” O’Mailia said.

Villard said O’Mailia approached the Mercantile in early December to see if his product was something they’d be interested in selling in the store. The same day O’Mailia approached the store, the Mercantile placed it on its shelf.

“It’s selling well; he’s doing well,” Villard said.

Having the opportunity to place a locally-made product in her store brought things full circle for Villard, who opened Moffat Mercantile in September 2019.

“It is truly part of what motivated us to do this to begin with,” Villard said. “There are some amazing artisans within this valley. Us having the platform to give them the opportunity to showcase that is incredibly humbling, because it’s not something we’d ever thought we’d have the capability of doing. We love special things made by special people.

“It’s nice to know that what we’re doing can help other people be special and chase their dreams,” Villard added. “This year, for all of it’s grey, has had some silver.”

So far, O’Mailia has seen a ton of support pouring in ahead of the holidays from locals. Knowing all that he’s gone through over the last four years working various jobs to make ends meet, he’s thankful for those that have helped him along the way.

“The community is very supportive; I just love it here,” O’Mailia said. “They’re just always behind me. I’ve had a few other businesses that didn’t really work out, but the community has always been there helping me along the way.

O’Mailia’s signature cologne can be purchased at The site is currently offering 20% off through the month of December.

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