Craig resident dies in rollover accident northwest of Maybell |

Craig resident dies in rollover accident northwest of Maybell

Tyler Baskfield

A Craig resident died in a rollover car accident and two other people were injured at 3:40 p.m. Wednesday northwest of Maybell.

The accident took place on Colorado Highway 318, 26 miles northwest of Maybell. The driver, Steven Dale Hobson, 49, from Stockton, Calif., was driving eastbound in a 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. His speed was calculated by the Colorado State Patrol as 77 mph in a posted 60 mph zone. He entered a curve to the left, the vehicle went off the right side of the highway, spun counter clockwise and re-entered the highway. The vehicle then spun counter clockwise off the left side of the highway and then rolled six times while it traveled back across the highway and off the right side of the highway, colliding with a post. The vehicle came to a rest on its wheels facing southwest. Sgt. Hank Chase from the Colorado State Patrol believes excessive speed caused the accident.

“Basically what caused the accident is he ran off the road and over corrected,” said Chase. “It’s a pretty gradual curve he was just going to fast into it.”

Hobson suffered a fractured collar bone and ribs. His father Ray A. Hobson, 72, of Craig who was a passenger in the car, was pronounced dead at the scene from massive head injuries. The other passenger, Steve’s mother Dorthy Hobson, 71, of Craig, suffered a fractured skull, shoulder and ribs.

Everyone in the car was wearing a seat belt.

Survivors were transferred to The Memorial Hospital in Craig.