Craig resident Deana Miller reported as missing |

Craig resident Deana Miller reported as missing

Noelle Leavitt Riley
Craig resident Deana Miller, 24, who friends and family say was missing since late last week, was found alive Wednesday morning near Browns Park.
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The Moffat County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Craig resident Deana Miller, 24, who family and friends said hasn’t been seen since late last week.

Miller’s mother, Rita Turner, of Idaho, called the Sheriff’s Office on Monday to file a missing person report, Undersheriff Charlene Abdella said.

Miller was last seen at Browns Park with a group of friends over the weekend, Abdella said.

“We’ve been out in the area looking to see what’s going on out there,” she said, noting the Sheriff’s Office has called all regional hospitals and no one with Miller’s name or date of birth has been admitted.

One of the friends Miller was with at Browns Park was Nate Navratil, who was arrested Monday night for an outstanding warrant in Garfield County on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Navratil’s arrest is not connected with Miller’s disappearance, Abdella said. The Sheriff’s Office has, however, asked Navratil if he knows anything about Miller’s whereabouts.

“There’s no indication of foul play at this time,” Abdella said. “She’s entered into the system as a missing person. She had told some friends that she was going to Kansas over the weekend.”

Miller’s friends in the community are concerned, Felecia Dunn said. Dunn confirmed that Miller was supposed to go to Kansas, but she said Miller’s car is still in Browns Park.

“I know that she was last seen at the radio tower on the top of Vermillion Canyon. That was on (June 13),” Dunn said, adding that Miller is a mother of four young children.

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