Craig resident carries on tradition as new owner Glenwood Springs carpet store

Carpet One General Manager Brenda Knutson works with sales associate Cory Collins on a tile order at the store in south Glenwood.
Chelsea Self / Post Independent

Kevin Oxley is honored to be new co-owner of longtime local business Glenwood Springs Carpet One.

“It’s not every day you take over a generational business that’s been like that,” he said. “They usually stay in the family, and I feel like we’ve become a part of that family. It’s extremely meaningful and humbling to do that.”

John Crump started the business in the late 1970s, which remained in the family until shortly after his daughter Kim Bini’s death in August 2020. Oxley was approached about buying the business and became the official owner in November 2020.

The Oxleys, owners of Craig-based Rocky Mountain Tile, Linoleum and Carpet (TLC) Carpet One, already knew the family since their stores were both members of the Carpet One collective.

Since taking it over, the Oxleys have focused on keeping Carpet One in Glenwood’s high level of customer service, Oxley said. In fact, Jay and Kevin — a father-son duo that holds a combined 70 years of experience — look to offer more installation options to the Valley.

“We’re going to start pursuing that specified commercial project industry a lot harder than it has been in the past,” Oxley said. “In Glenwood, they weren’t doing tile installations or hardwood installations. And it was more of an issue trying to get installers and finding the workforce to do so, and with our combined workforce now, that’s probably something we’re going to bring back here.”

Oxley said their Carpet One locations, which usually charge $2 per square foot for material and installation, use Antonio and Mountain Carpet Installation and Javiar from Su Casa Installers.

Just like the legacy of the Glenwood Springs location, however, Rocky Mountain TLC Carpet One also holds a familial standing in the Yampa River Valley.

Kevin said his father, Jay, originally migrated to Meeker from Fort Collins, wanting to get away from city life to enjoy more hunting and fishing opportunities. In 1978, he opened his first carpet store.

However, Jay’s wife, Dotty Oxley, who made the commute to Craig every day, got fed up with the drive.

“She said, ‘If I’m going to be driving to Craig every day, I’m moving there and I’d love it if you come with me,'” Oxley said of how his family eventually moved to Craig.

Once the Oxleys staked their claim in Craig and opened up their new location in 1984, they’d feel financial fruits of a boom. Tri-State’s Craig station power plant was at the time being built.

The Oxleys, however, had to persevere through the bust times as well.

“It’s boom and bust, all the time,” Kevin said. “It was really strong in the early ’80s, when (Jay) was here. Then Empire, which was a huge mining company, just kind of pulled out overnight and it left Craig and the Yampa Valley and Meeker with huge problems.”

But Rocky Mountain TLC Carpet One continued to serve a 45-mile radius on a regular basis, as they also started covering Steamboat Springs.

Since then — and especially through COVID-19 — they in fact doubled their business, providing quality residential and commercial services.

Oxley said they’re able to maintain and boost business because they go beyond simply making a pretty penny.

“We generally care about people,” he said. “I think there’s people out there in this business that are trying to make a dollar, and I can respect that. But we are people-people, and we’re really big parts of communities.”

They’re members of Kiwanis Club of Craig and donate to big projects whenever possible, Oxley said.

So far, the Carpet One locations have retained most of their employees throughout the acquisition and the pandemic. They also hired on manager Brenda Knutson, who’s been a pivotal part in keeping the Glenwood Springs legacy alive and well.

“Without her, this wouldn’t work,” Oxley said. “And all my people here in Craig, they’ve had to take on so much more themselves. And we’re trying to expand extremely quickly and we couldn’t do it without all the people that stuck by us and have faith in us to make some crazy decisions.”

Being able to try new things, however, is what drives Oxley to continue to do what he loves.

Carpet One General Manager Brenda Knutson helps sales associate Cammi Rodgers put away carpet sample squares inside the store.
Chelsea Self / Post Independent

“I’ve always told people that, the reason we do this, is because I feel like in all pieces in construction we can make somebody’s home beautiful with less money and less time than any other phase of construction,” Oxley said. “And the ability to see that come to fruition? It’s like having a job you can just make people happy in.

“Changing a space that quickly is kind of an amazing thing to watch happen,” he added. “You almost change a life.”

Glenwood Springs Carpet One Floor & Home is located at 2628 S. Glen Ave. Call them at 970 989-2927, or visit their website at

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