Craig police provide update on sexual predator |

Craig police provide update on sexual predator

Craig Press Staff

Craig Police Department provided a further update Friday, May 31 on a sexually violent predator in the area.

John R. “Butch” Sims, 52, recently relocated to Craig on parole for multiple convictions, including a misdemeanor charge of assault, sexual exploitation of a child, attempted sexual assault of a child, and failure to register as a sexual assault offender.

John R. “Butch” Sims
Courtesy Photo

Sims — five feet, six inches tall, 140 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes, with distinguishing scars on his right wrist and left shoulder — was originally housed in a room at 2690 W. US Highway 40 when police notified community members May 22.

However, the latest update from police on his location detailed that he is now living at 845 Bridger Circle.

Parties determined to be a sexually violent predator are required to register with local law enforcement and re-register every 90 days for life. Local law agencies are also required to notify Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Following community notification, residents may request information on the SVP, including any updates on if the predator changes residences or employment or leaves the area.

Craig Police Department reminds community members that vigilantism, harassment, threats, or other intimidation of offenders are “counter-productive to the best interest and safety of the community.”

“Such activity is criminal, and subjects could face prosecution,” the release stated.

For more information, contact Capt. Bill Leonard at 970-826-2367 or