Craig Police Department: Beware of online vendors |

Craig Police Department: Beware of online vendors

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

— The Craig Police Department is warning residents to exercise caution when purchasing or selling goods and services online.

Police say a Craig resident recently thought he was using Craigslist to purchase a vehicle, and he used Google Wallet for the transaction. After communicating online and by telephone, the resident wired $4,000 to the suspected scammer. The vehicle never arrived as expected.

Scammers prey on sites like Craigslist and often are able to duplicate business and government images and logos to fool unsuspecting customers, according to a news release from the Craig Police Department.

“Such transactions are a huge risk,” Sgt. John Forgay said. “Residents are reminded to exercise caution and are encouraged to contact local authorities — before following through on a transaction — if there are any concerns or suspicions.”


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