Craig Police Department advises community to be aware of iTunes card scam |

Craig Police Department advises community to be aware of iTunes card scam

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The Craig Police Department was able to locate and recover musical instruments that were stolen from Craig Middle School.
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CRAIG — The Craig Police Department warns residents to be aware of a new scam that has been making the rounds in Craig the past few days.

According to a news release from CPD Capt. Bill Leonard, the scam works in the following way.

The victim will receive a letter in the mail, accompanied by a check. The check will usually be made out in the name of the victim and usually in an amount exceeding $1,000. The letter claims the victim has been selected to participate in a customer survey and asks him or her to deposit the check, then go to a store that sells iTunes cards, purchase the cards, then report how the store performed during the sale.

The victim is also asked to provide the numbers associated with iTunes cards he or she purchased by calling a telephone number — usually a foreign exchange. Once the victim gives the numbers, the scammer gain access to the cards, making them worthless to the victim. The checks included with the letters are not valid.

In light of this and other scams, CPD reminds residents of the following.

• Do not provide any personal financial information or Social Security numbers by telephone or email.

• Lock down personal social media sites so strangers cannot access information on friends, relatives, or location.

• Any unsolicited phone call, email, or letter asking for bank information is a scam.

• Any unsolicited checks attached to jobs individuals did not apply for are a scam.

• Notices of foreign lottery winnings with a check enclosed or asking for money are scams.

• Those who believe they may have been contacted by a scammer are advised not follow their instructions. Contact law enforcement right away. If it sounds suspicious, do not take further action before contacting law enforcement.


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