Craig Middle School wrestlers threepeat as district champions, win 6 weights |

Craig Middle School wrestlers threepeat as district champions, win 6 weights

Craig Middle School wrestlers celebrate their third straight district championship. CMS won six individual titles during the Saturday tournament in Rangely.

For the third year in a row, the Craig Middle School wrestling team stood higher than any other group at the district tournament.

CMS took its third consecutive title at the Northwest Colorado Championships Saturday in Rangely.

The Bulldogs boasted six individual champs — Brody Wiser (80 pounds), Colton Jones (100), Dylan Zimmerman (105), Anthony Duran (110), Billy Lawton (125) and Pepper Rhyne (130).

Though not all at the same weight as a year ago, Wiser, Jones and Duran successfully defended their championship status for a second season, while Zimmerman made it his third district title since 2016, the first for any CMS athlete, also giving up no points during matches this season.

Wiser and Zimmerman likewise continued their undefeated streaks this season.

In terms of pins, Wiser, Duran and Lawton each had three and Jones and Zimmerman four apiece.

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Lawton and Zimmerman each also had one win by forfeit.

In a 3-0 day, Rhyne didn’t claim any falls but amassed plentiful points in wins by decisions — 8-2, 9-2, 10-4.

The Bulldogs had six second-place finishers — Noah Duran (75), Caden Call (90), Ryan Duzik (115), Kalub West (120), Michael Voloshin (135) and Blake Hill (140).

Placing third were Kael Poe, Ethan Hafey and Tucker Zimmerman, who, at the 110, 115 and 125 weights, all faced off against their teammates early in the tournament to be sent to the consolations.

Taking fourth were Carter Behrman (85), Ryan Booker (90), Sophie Hough (130) and Hunter Faulk (160), while 100-pounder Brendon Wait took sixth.

Also fighting to the finish were Easton Briggs, Tyren Schaefer, Keegan Herod, Abby Martinez, Russell McGruder, Kannon Gustin, Izzac Pierce and Cyrus Goldsmith.

The regular season has wrapped for the CMS group, coached by Mark Voloshin, Mark Zimmerman, Chad Lawton and Tyler Seislove.

“We’ve had a lot of excellent performances from these kids,” Mark Voloshin said.

He added that throughout the past several weeks, athletes with a great deal of experience and those who are newer to the sport have one thing in common: attentiveness.

“They’re good listeners. They listen to what we’re trying to tell them, and they want to learn the skills we’re trying to teach,” he said.

Though the official school season is done, grapplers still have more to look forward to, as some compete in Moffat County Youth Wrestling and Bad Dogs Elite Wrestling later this spring.

Nearer still is a regional tournament March 24 in Grand Junction through Rocky Mountain Nationals, which is optional for Bulldogs but will no doubt be a draw.

“We definitely want them to get that experience at the next level,” Mark Voloshin said.

Craig Middle School wrestling results from Northwest Colorado Championships

Wrestler, weight class — record, place

Noah Duran, 75 — 1-1, 2nd

Brody Wiser, 80 — 3-0, 1st

Carter Behrman, 85 — 2-2, 4th

Easton Briggs, 85 — 1-2

Keegan Herod, 85 — 2-2

Tyren Schaefer, 85 — 1-2

Ryan Booker, 90 — 3-2, 4th

Caden Call, 90 — 2-1, 2nd

Abby Martinez, 90 — 0-2

Russell McGruder, 90 — 2-2

Kannon Gustin, 95 — 0-2

Colton Jones, 100 — 5-0, 1st

Brendon Wait, 100 — 0-5, 6th

Dylan Zimmerman, 105 — 5-0, 1st

Anthony Duran, 110 — 3-0, 1st

Kael Poe, 110 — 4-1, 3rd

Izzac Pierce, 110 — 0-2

Ryan Duzik, 115 — 1-1, 2nd

Ethan Hafey, 115 — 0-2, 3rd

Cyrus Goldsmith, 120 — 1-2

Kalub West, 120 — 2-1, 2nd

Billy Lawton, 125 — 5-0, 1st

Tucker Zimmerman, 125 — 3-2, 3rd

Sophie Hough, 130 — 1-2, 4th

Pepper Rhyne, 130 — 3-0, 1st

Michael Voloshin, 135 — 2-1, 2nd

Blake Hill, 140 — 3-1, 2nd

Hunter Faulk, 160 — 2-3, 4th