Craig Middle School students OK after health scare Friday |

Craig Middle School students OK after health scare Friday

Craig Press Staff

A safety day with area law enforcement at Craig Middle School was abruptly interrupted and subsequently canceled after an unknown number of students had to be evaluated by medical professionals.

A social media post from Craig Middle School’s Activities and Athletics page on Facebook posted early Friday afternoon alerted parents a medical incident had caused the school to order students to shelter in place.

“We want parents to be aware that we had an ongoing medical situation involving a couple students and, per our procedures, students where in a shelter in place,” the CMS social media post said. “Students were in their classrooms and education continued.

In an email Friday afternoon, Moffat County School District Superintendent David Ulrich said the district communicated with parents during the incident.

“This is our normal procedure when we call an ambulance or otherwise have a health issue with a student,” Ulrich said of the shelter in place. “It is to maintain the confidentiality of the student. Also as part of our procedure, and to try and stay ahead of social media, we send a brief message home to parents letting them know about the shelter in place and then follow up once the shelter in place is lifted.”

In a statement late Friday, Ulrich said a number of students were evaluated by district medical professionals after possible “exposure to nicotine oil for vaping.”

Ulrich said some parents may taken their children to the hospital after the incident.

“A couple of parents did have their students evaluated at the hospital,” Ulrich said late Friday. “None were admitted.”

The district plans to follow any discipline policies set by the board regarding the incident.

“We have located the source of the issue and we’ll follow board policies for discipline,” Ulrich said. “All students are fine.”