Craig Middle School students get mock stock market experience |

Craig Middle School students get mock stock market experience

Darian Warden

— Craig Middle School students are learning modern-day financials, including how to navigate and make a profit in the stock market.

A mock stock market experience is part of the new financial literacy class for seventh- and eighth-graders at CMS this year.

Funded by the Colorado Council for Economic Education, the program allows students throughout Colorado to purchase stock in companies of their choosing then trade or sell from February to April. At the end of the mock experience, the top-performing team from the nearly 1,500 teams throughout the state will receive $100 per team member and a trip to Denver.

CMS seventh-grader Ande Oberg has already made a trip to Denver because of the program, and she was interviewed by Denver’s 9News. Oberg was one of four students selected from across Colorado for her answers regarding what she had learned from the experience.

“I was so nervous,” Oberg said about her TV appearance.

CMS teacher Virginia Pugh teaches the financial literacy class and said students have learned lessons such as how to research stocks and how to diversify a portfolio.

Oberg said she thought it was important to learn about financials now so the knowledge could help students in the future.

“As simplistic as it may seem,” CMS Principal Julie Baker said, “it’s knowledge they can transfer to any situation in their life.”

The CCEE gave $100,000 of virtual money to classes throughout the state to use to buy fake stock at actual values.

“It’s as real as it can get without actual money,” Pugh said.

Baker said financial literacy used to be covered by several different classes but the middle school decided to have one class to cover the Colorado core standards for financial literacy.

Oberg said she’s already applying what she’s learned to real life. While in Denver she said she had a long discussion about finances with her parents, considering the benefits of paying full price up front or payments with fees over a longer period of time.

“We’re very proud of her,” Pugh and Baker said.

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