Craig Middle School hoops has high expectations to remain undefeated at districts |

Craig Middle School hoops has high expectations to remain undefeated at districts

Craig Middle School eighth-grade girls basketball's players, manager and coaches gather for a team photo. The eighth-grade A-Team stands to go undefeated for two straight seasons with wins at this weekend's district tournament.
Andy Bockelman

There’s winning and there’s winning big. Either way works, but Craig Middle School girls basketball squads plan to make their final games of the season memorable.

CMS teams attend the district tournament this weekend in Meeker, and if their previous matches are any indication, the Bulldogs are the ones to beat.

Most recently, CMS tore through the competition at a Saturday tournament in Walden, with eighth-grade A-Team taking monster wins of 50-20 and 63-21 over North Park and Steamboat Springs.

“They played some good team basketball, shot well, passed well, lotta hustle, lotta effort,” coach Todd Trapp said. “Walden only has one team, but they played really hard against us.”

The seventh-grade A-Team likewise dominated, 41-8 against Steamboat, a blowout compared to the Bulldogs’ Jan. 30 game in Hayden, only narrowly beating the Tigers 26-24.

Both A-Teams remain undefeated and are primed to go all the way to victory at the district round, which will be between Craig, Steamboat, Meeker and Rangely.

“They’re feeling confident,” said seventh-grade coach Forrest Watson. “I feel like these girls worked hard in practice and in every weekend against every team we’ve fought.

For the eighth-graders, a sweep at districts will mean the A-Team players will have gone two straight years without a loss, which Trapp credits to a roster of girls who know how to control the flow of the game.

“Usually, teams can play with us about a quarter, and then they just take over,” he said. “I think we’ll have our toughest competition against Meeker, but it’ll be a good game and should be fun.”


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