Craig Middle School celebrates 6th-grade poets |

Craig Middle School celebrates 6th-grade poets

Craig Middle School sixth-grader Eduardo Olivera speaks with passion in “PS4,” a poem written about his favorite video game system, during the second annual Poet’s Café Thursday night at CMS. More than 50 students submitted poems for the event, with a great variety of subject matter.
Andy Bockelman

Writing elements like alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia were on display in the Craig Middle School auditorium during the second annual Poet's Café, as sixth-grade scribes got the chance to present their works in front of parents and friends.

Craig Middle School sixth-graders gather around the snack table in the lobby of CMS following the second annual Poet’s Café Thursday night. Students shared their feelings in verse about many different topics.Andy Bockelman

Nearly all the 53 total students who submitted poems got up to read them, their creations met with the coffeehouse tradition of fingers snapping in approval.

CMS teachers Vicki Blomquist, Dana Morton and Janie Wilson said they were immensely proud of students not only for the quality of each of their pieces but also the interest, doubled from last year's 25 entries.

"We are more than thrilled, they did such a great job, and I can't say enough about how hard they worked for this from beginning to end," Blomquist said.

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An introduction by local writer and former CMS teacher David Morris got the ball rolling as poets took the podium.

The moods evoked by poems ranged from humorous — such as Kayce Pierce's mention of a "horrible clothes monster" in "The Mess" — to pensive as kids spoke in verse about everything from video games to pets to relatives to sports to vacations.

Some also took the opportunity to pay tribute to those in the military, such as Seamus Byrnes' "The Day of a Soldier" and aspiring Marine Joelle Kenney, who dedicated her "A Real Sniper" to the late Chris Kyle.

Recurring themes were nature and the seasons. Gregory Spears wrote of chilly fun with snowball fights and more in the poem "Winter."

"I've always love winter, going sledding and everything," he said. "It took me a while to think of it, and I didn't know what to put, but once it was winter here I started to get some ideas. I was going to do hunting first."

Rachel Bolton's "A Winter Eve" likewise painted a picture with creative imagery, comparing snow-capped mountains to mounds of ice cream.

"I just loved sharing my thoughts," she said.

Bolton, who also served as one of three masters of ceremonies along with Bryan Gonzalez and Joe Neal, worked partly at home partly in class on the piece.

A poem titled "Dark Times" wasn't planned by Tara Brumblow, it just "came out of nowhere."

"I was bored one day, and I just started writing it," she said.

Carmelita Bays said she enjoys the process and freedom of poetry, though it likely won't replace her ultimate goal of becoming an actress as an adult.

Still, writing will probably remain a hobby for her.

"I enjoyed making my own words and making twists and turns to form something that I created," Bays said.

Craig Middle School sixth-grade poets — Poem

Millie Fritz — "Sunset on an Ocean"

Alexei Reyes — "Life in Colorado"

Gabrielle Ellis — "Dad"

Cristiann Reyes — "The Crazy Morning"

Grisel Moriel — "Ithalia"

Mackenzi Telford — "Flower Vine"

Beverlie Zulian — "Cabin in the Winter"

Seamus Byrnes — "The Day of a Soldier"

Yareli Quintero — "Jolly Rancher"

Jeremy Pritchard— "Zeus"

Tayla Siminoe — "Sea Turtles"

Logan Montgomery — "Snowmobiling"

Tyler Burkett — "Basketball"

Sabastian Hershiser — "Descendants"

Mackenzie Schneider — "Jessie"

Tyson Hillewaert — "Family and Friends"

Joe Neal — "The Game"

Kimber Roberts — "The Dance"

Jose Galindo — "God Forgive Everyone"

Tara Brumblow — "Dark Times"

Blake Duncan — "Marine Biologist"

Draken Blackwing — "A Mad Scientist"

Stormy Townsend — "Sun"

Joelle Kenney — "A Real Sniper"

Alyssa Rodriguez — "Storm"

Eduardo Olivera — "PS4"

Aydin Vorland — "Fourth of July"

Kristi Barnes — "Waterfall"

Mati Hayes — "Sunny"

Justice McMillan — "Nevada"

Jade Holman — "Max"

Rachel Bolton — "A Winter Eve"

Joshua Townsend — "Parents"

Madison Atkin — "Summer"

Eric Palacios — "Tom"

Carmelita Bays — "Ocean Sunset"

Ellina Jones — "Mexico"

Alayna Buhrman — "Gymnastics Event #2"

LeeAnna Nelson — "Mystery"

Rebecca Cruz — "Dork Diaries"

Vanessa Pech — "Car Ride to Denver"

Liam Mounce — "Gatekeepers"

Emily Gonzales — "Football Clash"

Aunnika Hampton — "Softball"

Kayce Pierce — "The Mess"

Brendan Beaver — "Hunting"

Gregory Spears — "Winter"

Coltyn Terry — "Kentucky Hunting"

Savana Dickhaut — "An Ode to My House"

Logan Malley — "A Puppy's Life"

Dillon McIntosh — "Conor"

Shane Balleck — "Nana's House"

Sebastian Hadley — "Divorce"

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