Craig mayor donates pig to charity |

Craig mayor donates pig to charity

Craig mayor donates pig to charity

Erin Fenner
Pepper Rhyne, 8, with Mayor Terry Carwile and the pig he purchased to donate to charity.
Courtesy Photo

— The Moffat County Fair, among other things, provides an opportunity for government officials to reveal their philanthropic side.

Craig Mayor Terry Carwile acted on behalf of the city when he purchased a pig Thursday at the fair with plans to donate it to a local charity.

It’s a fundamental part of city tradition now, said City Council member Don Jones. He says the mayor has been buying a hog and donating it to a local charity for 14 years.

“It’s been kind of a thing the city has always done,” Jones said. “(It’s a way) to support the community, the 4-H Foundation and the kids there. And, the mayor has always bought it.”

This year, Carwile bought the hog from 8-year-old Pepper Rhyne, a second-generation 4-H member from Craig.

Rhyne said he was proud his animal was purchased by the mayor and donated to charity. Rhyne raised his pig from just 6 weeks old, and in doing so, learned about what it takes to raise livestock.

“I learned different feeds. I learned how to handle my animals. I learned how to clip them,” the youngster said.

Carwile purchased the roughly 260-pound hog at below-market price. He said he wasn’t looking to buy one of the champions or first-prize winners because he thought all the children who participated this year should be recognized for their work.

“I am so impressed by the amount of work all those kids do,” he said. “They spend hours prepping (their animals).”

Rhyne said he took time to clip his pig, so she would look nice for the fair.

“It makes them look not so dirty,” he said.

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