Craig man was never on run |

Craig man was never on run

To the Editor

I agree to most of what (Sid Lawrence of Meeker) said in his article to the editor, except about the fourth man on the run. He was never on the run from the law.
The Division of Wildlife and David Waite and many other people in this town knew that. They knew exactly where he was at the time he was falsely accused and he did not have a warrant out for his arrest like the papers falsely stated, nor were they seeking one. He was not even in the state when the offenses took place.
His grandfather had fallen 100 feet off a roof and had a second man fall on him from the same height. He was lucky to be alive. I have talked to Mike Bowman and David Waite and he was not even a suspect. They even had the Montana Fish and Game talk to him at the beginning of the investigation.
The papers in Steamboat Springs, Craig and Grand Junction printed what they wanted to by what was said in court instead of checking with people that knew what was going on. They didn’t even talk to us, his parents or him to hear his story.
I have most of the articles from the papers that I have collected myself and from people who know us. Our boy and us are well known for we have lived most of his school years of 11 1/2 years here.
I feel sorry for Josh Lawrence’s and Scott Timpton’s parents and their heartaches for the boys. But I have also had the phone calls and had people stop and ask me downtown if my boy is hiding from the law and it really hurts.
My son has also been told never to return to town or he would be killed and the one who said it knows who he is.
I have always told my boys, you make your bed you lie in it.
The newspapers that wrote the articles about my boy without checking the facts and getting their stories straight will be contacted and we will be expecting a retraction on all wire services because my parents even saw an article in a Boise, Idaho, paper. This isn’t right because he was trying to finish school in August in Montana while trying to help his grandparents.
Ken and Mary Duncan,