Craig local keeps it in the family, chooses Army enlistment |

Craig local keeps it in the family, chooses Army enlistment

Bailey Louthan will enlist in the U.S. Army and pursue a Military Occupational Specialties role as an Operating Room Specialist.
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For Bailey Louthan, there really wasn’t much debate about what she wanted to do following graduation from Moffat County High School.

Growing up in a military family – her grandfather served in the Army in Vietnam, her father served in the Navy, and her brother is a U.S. Marine – Louthan was around the military lifestyle constantly. Dating back to her sophomore year in high school, Louthan knew the military would be her calling after graduation.

Following graduation, Louthan put plan into action, passing the ASVABs with flying colors, allowing her to choose what she wants to do in the military.

Bailey Louthan
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ASVAB stands for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, which is a multiple-choice test that helps you identify which Army jobs (Military Occupational Specialties) would be best for you.

Staying true to her family roots, Louthan joined the Army, making her grandfather proud.

“Knowing he was in the Army, it was definitely a deciding factor,” Louthan said after officially signing all the necessary paperwork to enlist in the U.S. Army. “He doesn’t really talk about his time in the military because he was in during Vietnam, but we have something common now and I know he’s really happy with my decision.”

Thanks to her high scores on the ASVAB test, Louthan was allowed the opportunity to choose just exactly what she wants to do with her MOS. With a background as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Sandrock Nursing Home, Louthan wanted to do something where she could help people, leading to her choosing an Operating Room Specialists position.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” Louthan said. “I just want to take care of people and take care of their families. I could be stationed in an Emergency Room in the states, or I could be shipped somewhere overseas where we have soldiers in combat.”

“We’re just so proud of her,” Doug Wagoner, Bailey’s father, said. “She’s known what she’s wanted to do since her sophomore year and she’s worked hard to achieve this. We’re thrilled for her.”

Louthan and her sister, Alyssa – who will enlist in August once she turns 18 – will head to basic training with the U.S. Army next month.


With a long family history in the military, it’s no surprise that Louthan was so involved locally, serving as the trumpet player who played taps at memorial services and military funerals in Moffat County.

“An old band teacher taught me how to do it in 8th grade,” Louthan said. “I picked it up pretty quickly and liked it, and then in 9th grade he got me set up with the VFW.”

Bailey Louthan playing taps at a memorial service at the Craig Cemetery.
Courtesy Photo

Louthan said she played taps a couple of times for the VFW, which ultimately led to a long-standing partnership.

“I did it a couple times, and guys liked me so I hung out with them and got to know them,” Louthan said. “It was a pretty rewarding and emotional experience getting to do that all these years.”

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