Craig Kum & Go addressing ‘minor fuel problem’ |

Craig Kum & Go addressing ‘minor fuel problem’

Scott Schlaufman

A problem with premium fuel at a Kum & Go station in Craig possibly left at least two vehicles in need of repair.

Scott Cook, owner of Cook Chevrolet and Subaru, said his service shop worked on two vehicles this week with “a lot of water” in the gas tank.

The station believed to have provided fuel to those vehicles is Kum & Go at 700 E. Victory Way, Cook said.

Kum & Go spokeswoman Catherine Huggins said there was a “minor problem” with a premium gas line at the 700 E. Victory Way store this week, and “repairs are underway.”

She declined further comment on the problem with the line and whether water was involved.

Huggins said when the problem was discovered, the premium gas pumps were flushed out, shut down and put under bags.

Other fuel at the station was unaffected, the spokeswoman said.

The pumps are expected to be repaired next week, Huggins said.

Customers whose vehicles may have been impacted as a result of the problem can contact Kum & Go, she added.

“If local customers would like additional information, they are welcome to contact us through our website,” Huggins said. “We are happy to address any questions.”

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