Craig kids bring their Christmas wishes to Santa Claus |

Craig kids bring their Christmas wishes to Santa Claus

Nate Waggenspack
Abby Turner, left, talks to Santa Claus about some of the things she wants for Christmas this year, while her younger sister Reagan hangs out at Letters to Santa at the Craig Daily Press offices. Hundreds of children came to drop off their letters for Santa, as well as visit and take pictures.
Nate Waggenspack

— Craig’s youth stopped by the Craig Daily Press office Wednesday afternoon to get a last word in with Santa Claus before he takes his trip around the world.

The Daily Press hosted Letters to Santa, offering the opportunity to visit and get pictures taken with Father Christmas and his wife, and drop off letters with any last-minute requests for St. Nick.

Hundreds turned up for the event with all the festive Santa-related results.

Abby Turner practically galloped up to Mr. Claus and leapt onto his lap before realizing she needed to wait for her younger sister Reagan. Abby’s excitement was understandable, though, since she was expecting to see one of Santa’s helpers, not the real deal.

After he found out she wanted a Princess Barbie, Santa made sure to ask if Abby had a clean room and was being good. An enthusiastic nod of the head, and she was assured, “We’ll see if we can make that happen for you,” Santa said.

Others thought it was one of Santa’s helpers but weren’t disappointed by his visit. They knew the big guy is in the heart of his busy season at the North Pole for another week.

“He’s got to make lots of toys for people all around the world still,” Aiden Piatt said.

Aiden visited Santa along with his older brother Dennis and younger sister Lexi, all of whom dropped off their letters for Kris Kringle’s consideration.

“We all wrote down three things we wanted from” Santa, Dennis said.

For others, just seeing Santa’s jolly face was enough. Keira Linton said she didn’t talk about much during her time with him, but she felt confident that with her letter in his possession, a good Christmas is on the way.

“It was good,” Keira said, while nodding that she dropped off a Christmas list for Claus to peruse.

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